It's Time, Write Now

Sign up for your free book planning course. This video course helps to guide you out of murky waters of writing a book and give you a goal to work towards every step of the way. It is a powerful way to find your audience, finish your book with ease and formulate the best marketing plan possible.

As you are cocooned at home for a while, I am sure you have thought about writing that book you always intended publishing. You are so awesome and proactive, you have probably even started writing a plan for it and managed chapter 1. But just in case you haven’t…

Start writing your book today
Write Your Story

If you are still procrastinating over how to get started, ask yourself why.

  • Could it be that you are placing too much importance on the outcome?
  • Are you expecting your book to be amazing?
  • Are expecting your work to give you something in return that will be out of this world?
  • Do you just not know where to start?

If so, you are most likely scared of starting because you feel that you cannot deliver these results. I have a FREE video course you can follow to get your roadmap written up in next to no time:

free step-by-step video course to writing your book

Simply enter the code FREE_BOOK_PROPOSAL and let me guide you through the thorny path of procrastination. Down your roadmap to a clear and engaging book lies a whole world of satisfaction and achievement!

You have no excuses now – write your book

A step-by-step guide to planning and writing your book with ease

The course provides you with a step-by-step guide to writing your book plan, whether you are going to self-publish or traditionally publish, write fiction or non-fiction. It even helps you to plan and write an effective blog or article!

For the power, glory or cash?

If the sense of achievement and personal glory is not enough to motivate you to pick up your pen or start tapping away on those keys, how about hard cash?

Step-by-step guide to writing a book

Writing a book will seriously enhance your credibility in your field of work and expertise. If you write about your experiences, share your knowledge and provide value to your readers, you will become the go-to person in your area of knowledge. This will open up new opportunities, quash any feelings of resistance from peers and clients and firmly establish you in your rightful position as the reliable professional you are.

Sign up, write now

Many time disasters can provide us with fresh starts. By putting this surreal and certainly worrying time to a positive, constructive use, it won’t all go to waste, it won’t all be doom and gloom. I have given you the free tools and a proven, easy system to follow, plus a motivating reminder of something you have been putting off doing, now it’s up to you. Don’t worry about perfect, or who will like it, just get started.