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Health and healing festival Harrogate

I drew my Angel Card upon entering the Health & Healing Festival held at the formidable Cedar Court Hotel in Harrogate this weekend, and what did I get? expectancy | ikˈspektənsē | noun (plural expectancies) the state of thinking or hoping that something, especially something pleasant, will happen or be the case: they waited with …

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Reiki share harrogate

Are you loving the energy and balance you get from Reiki but have no one to share it with? Fear not there is a place where you can go and the people won’t think you’re cuckoo! The Harrogate Reikinians are extremely welcoming and growing in number. You can have an interesting chit-chat with like-minded people, …

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Harrogate Spiritual Healing Church

Even the seemingly conservative town of Harrogate ingratiates all disciplines. We have numerous beautiful churches of a whole variety of faiths. We also have our  own Spiritualist Healing Church. Another reason why I am so proud of this town: it embraces the freedom of choice. It is quite the hive of activity. If you visit …

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