Carefully selected yoga poses, breathing sequences and flows incorporated into a work day can open up your channels of energy and boost your focus.

Use this clever combination of the pomodoro technique and yoga - Yogitivity (yoga for increased productivity and creativity) is based on stretching routines at regular intervals to keep you alert and energised. Designed to get the oxygen and blood pumping and to keep your posture right; not only will you write some of your best stuff and get it done on time, you'll also feel better and not fall victim of the usual back or neck ache.



Carefully selected yoga poses, breathing sequences and flows incorporated into a work day can open up your channels of energy and boost your focus. This ingenious idea consisting of 5, 10 or 20-minute flows/stretches every 40 to 50-minutes, not only help you to stay fresh at work, they also improve your posture and keep your attitude positive. Yogitivity for increased productivity – all routines are tailored to suit your specific needs whether you are a freelancer, office worker or long-distance lorry driver. Since we can’t beat the system and some of us are stuck in an 8-hour day, we can still look after our health whilst performing at our best.

Various routines for all-week writing marathons, everyday core routines, butt-busting routines, Yogitivity for creativity… A routine for increased productivity tailored to your needs.


Sitting all day at your desk, at the wheel or in your cubicle? Legs throbbing, head pounding and back killing? More than half of the population in our modern “civilised” society is spending over 40 hours a week in the same position – this could also be standing – and it is far from natural or “civilised” for that matter.

Working 8 hours a day is a strange concept dating back to the industrial revolution when workers needed to be protected from the slave-labour hours of the factory owners. Unions pushed for the authorities to limit their hours, but why are we still sticking to this out-dated formula?


before yogitivity cycle

Thankfully the digital millenials are going out and freelancing it. They have cracked open the shackles of officedom proving that work can be achieved reliably and to a high quality anywhere – well, those with a good work ethic. Let’s face it, if you have no work ethic, you are still going to be a lazy bum in an office or factory!!

Back to the problem of long hours and lack of movement that still plague employees and entrepreneurs. How do you keep going without damaging your mental or physical health? How do you keep going day after day without producing inferior work or losing your momentum?


A lot of people have now incorporated meditation into their work routine. Establishments have set up meditation rooms for group sessions. This “break” away is extremely beneficial to refocus and recharge the brain. Yogitivity© works along similar lines taking the solution a step or two further.


with yogitivity cycle
Yogitivity© incorporates 10, 15 or 20-minute breaks into your work schedule at 20, 30 and 40-minute intervals. Nothing revolutionary about that you might say. No, in fact it is essential that you do take breaks. Some of us seem to be break-averse and simply run ourselves into the ground. Yogitivity© e-course for writers will convert you.

Once you try out the Yogitivity© breaks, you will become addicted to the energy they bring and the higher levels of productivity they yield in your work. The secret: the poses chosen release the energy you need at a specific time.

Identify your energy peaks and energy troughs.

Most people tend to drain and flag at around 2 or 3 o’clock or after lunch and be most productive in the morning. Others find their best time is in the small hours of the morning. We’re all different. That is why the old archaic system of an 8-hour day is defunct now.


routines for writers, freelancers, office workers…..
core routines designed around energy peaks at 9 am and 10 am and lows/energy troughs at 2 pm or 3 pm
special sequences tailored to your own individual needs.
the all-nighter/all-dayer where you have to get through a tough project, want to finish writing a book or thesis or report
The Butt-Buster! A 5-day work marathon.


  • maximise and utilise our peaks of energy and learn to work through and attenuate our troughs, our lows
  • each of the sequences is been specially choreographed to suit the specific time of day and the cycle for your body
  • Yogitivity© will also improve your posture
  • balance
  • sense of wellbeing.

Once you have mastered the ability to take breaks, to increase your productivity and remain more relaxed, energised, focused and reposed, you can then try the next step which is “Yogitivity© for Increased Creativity”!

If you can’t wait for the launch of the course please contact me: cescahepton@gmail.com