The 4 Wellness Doctors

The doctors for happiness, movement, diet and quiet all work together to provide a healthy recipe for balanced vitality and good health. Try a dose.

The Only 4 Doctors You Will Ever Need and They are All in You!

Take charge of your personal wellness with Dr Happy, Dr Quiet, Dr Movement and Dr Diet. The 4 Wellness Doctors!

First and foremost, I cannot take the credit for the concept of the 4 Wellness Doctors, but through my training with the CHEK (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute I have applied it to my own life and I have coached numerous clients through the 4-step process.

Graham Whitehead Health

Dr Happiness

Wellness - Dr Happiness

First ask your self this: WHAT

  • makes you happy?
  • makes you feel good?
  • gives you a sense of purpose?
  • are you passionate about?
  • would be your chosen career?

These are some of the questions you can ask yourself. Your Dr Happy is always there to lead us to a life that fulfils our individual wants and needs. Furthermore, it can advise us if we are leading a life that does not maintain our core values and if this appears to be the case then every facet of our life can become a burden.

Dr Diet

We all know diet is a key part of our health and wellbeing. The quality of our food and drink we consume will affect our energy levels, emotions, physical health, mental clarity, productivity, performance, and overall health.

Wellness - Dr Diet

The interesting thing about Dr Diet is the fact that what we think is healthy isn’t and what we think isn’t healthy is. There is an awful lot of confusion out there regarding our perceptions of healthy foods. What I can tell you is that everyone’s nutritional demands will vary.

Time and time again when working with people individually I have found that when the diet is deficient there simply is not enough energy or clarity of mind to initiate and sustain the changes needed for self-healing.

Dr Quiet

This wellness doctor is the chief physician making it the most important of the 4 Doctors.

Meditation - Dr Quiet

He is responsible for energy management and recovery. One of the most common issues with Dr Quiet is sleep. People simply aren’t getting enough sleep. You can make some big improvements in your health if you get adequate amounts of sleep. I recommend getting around 8 hours of sleep per night. Timing is also crucial because our body’s circadian rhythms are related to the rising and falling off the sun. 10:00pm is an optimal time to go to sleep by as the time from
10pm – 2am is the stage in our sleep of physical repair and 2 am – 6 am is dedicated to cognitive and mental repair.

Dr Movement

Wellness - Dr Movement

Dr Movement is related to our exercise. Do you work out? Or do you work in? Working in is the body accumulating energy through activities such as yoga, tai chi, stretching, massage etc. Working out is the body expending energy, such as cycling, lifting weights, running, or playing sports.

Often people are not getting enough of the above 3 wellness doctors and as a result they do not have the energy to work out. This is because their body is short of resources. However, when these 3 Wellness Doctors mentioned are balanced, we can begin to exercise in a way where the body receives a positive response from exercise. Without the right amount of movement, suffer not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I am sure you can begin to see how the 4 Doctors integrate with one another. Day in and day out I see how people’s daily challenges in life, occupation, relationships, and ambitions are heavily related to imbalances in their 4 Doctors. Most importantly, it is vital for health and wellbeing that the 4 Doctors are balanced.

Be your own wellness doctor – the only prescriptions you’ll be writing are the ones that come naturally or free: happiness, exercise, good food and meditation.

Graham Whitehead is a Personal Trainer based in Harrogate, specialising in Injury Rehabilitiation, Wellness and Sports Conditioning, Weight Loss, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Improving Posture, Corrective Exercise, Nutritional Coaching, and generally improving your health and lifestyle.

How to be Happy

Great self help book full of ideas and tips on how to be happy. Also a great gift if you’re looking to make someone else happier!

10 Ways to be Happier

An uplifting easy-to-read guide to remind us of just how great life is. “How to be Happy” is full of tips and inspiration on how to make us feel good about ourselves, cherish our loved ones and put the skip back in our step.

Just as “bad habits” can become part of your everyday routine, this guide shows you how to make “good habits” a part of your every day. Good habits that will ensure you are smiling instead of frowning. Here are 10 pick-me-ups for when you’re down:

  1. Music
  2. Your achievements
  3. Competition
  4. Pets
  5. A friendly ear
  6. Love
  7. Family
  8. Exercise
  9. Not getting angry
  10. Doing a good deed

See how you can use these by exploring Chapter 4 in the “How to be Happy” guide below:

Inspirational self help guide: How to be Happy, by Francesca Hepton

Listen to a free snippet here: “The Definition of Happiness”

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” (Aristotle)

The 3 top benefits of being happy

1. It makes you healthier!

Sounds unlikely but true! Because happy people are more likely to take part inactivities that promote their health it helps in supporting the immune system. Such activities may include healthy eating habits, regular physical exercise, not smoking and spending fun time with loved ones.

2. Improved longevity

Because you are healthier you are more likely to live longer, but in addition to that, happy people tend to produce lower levels of cortisol in response to stressful situations. Increased cortisol levels can cause you to put on weight, disturb your sleeping patterns and increase your blood pressure. Happy people have a healthier and more positive disposition and are therefore less likely to get heart failure and other chronic diseases. Instead you feel fit and energised for longer.

3. Improved mental health and focus

Thanks to your lower stress levels and lack of anxiety, when you are a happy person you are a more relaxed person. This stress-free state helps your cognitive functions and allows you to concentrate and focus. Bottom line: if you are happy you perform better. This is a key factor for every successful freelance writer. Look after your wellbeing by simply adopting a positive outlook and you will be rewarded.

Inspirational self help book for women on how to be happy with yourself

This “How to Be Happy” self help book reminds us of how easy it is to be happy.

This book reveals how you can feel more alive, grateful and fulfilled in a busy world by remembering the little things that make you most human and why you look forward to every day.

In combination with other books in the “How to….” series you will learn how to become the best you in just a few steps: Self-recognition, a willingness to change and a step-by-step plan. You don’t have to fight your battles alone. This book will provide you with encouragement and support.


Nothing is stopping you smiling again, because it is even FREE. Click the image below for your FREE AUDIO version of “How to be Happy”

Or you can copy and paste the following website link to listen to this inspirational, uplifting and heartening guide:

Uplifting personal development guide: How to Be Happy

Go on, be happy!

Perfect gift.

Feel good about you, feel good about life!

How to Get Fit with Reiki & Music

Are you ready to realize your full potential? Try this 10-minute routine steeped in ancient traditions combined with modern music. it’s revolutionary and is sure to change your life for good.

A good fitness guide makes you want to workout. A great fitness guide gives you no choice but to workout.

The ultimate motivational guide on how to get fit guide
The Ultimate Motivation Guide

This book is more than just a fitness guide. This is a way of life. A way to build your inner power in a lasting way. You may enjoy surfing the net  to discover the illusive power that will transform your body. But nothing you find will match the inspiration of this touchstone fitness guide. You will be coming back to it again and again on your journey to fitness and motivation. The secrets it provides you to excel in the area of fitness form just one aspect. It is also profoundly informative on the subjects of health and personal happiness. Curious? Get a sample of the daily 10-minute routine that will change the way you exercise forever:

Guaranteed focus and success

“How to Get Fit with Reiki and Music” provides motivational combination to give your training and fitness regime guaranteed focus and success.  Aside from providing you with a balanced, focused and motivated mindset, the symbiosis of Reiki and music gives you that extra push. The force from within you never thought you had. Follow the 10 minute routine for the ultimate focus in your fitness practice:

Movement is extremely important for desk-bound professionals like writers. Find your motivation to get and stay healthy with this unique and inspirational motivation guide.

Energy Work

Through your Energy Work/Reiki you will master the discipline of self-control promoting the awareness of your own potential and usage of energy. It not only helps to build up bodily reserves of strength and resistance, and to control and cure disorders, but also has the ability to promote vitality, rejuvenate the body and stimulate intelligence.

  • Grounding
  • Centering
  • Energizing

Ancient methods in modern times

Based on the principles of Tendai Buddhism and Taoism for meditation and internal energy cultivation, Reiki was initially taught as an aid in self-healing. As such it can help in strengthening the body, harmonizing your emotions and calming your mind.  The purpose of the daily energy exercises is to activate, circulate, ground and channel energy also known as qi.  Qi is the energy inherent in all things. When practiced every day for just 10 minutes, Reiki can become a powerful tool for transformation and self cultivation. Many people who practice Reiki have reported remarkable changes in their overall health and energy levels as well as improved self-esteem and emotional outlook. Reiki is simple and easy to learn and can be practiced anywhere as it requires no equipment and just enough space to sit down in.

Energy Exercises Guide - a 10-minute routine to double your energy reserves, give you focus and help you find calm. With step-by-step instructions and illustrations.

Every workout is a breakthrough

Whether you are going through a physiotherapy program, training for a marathon or event or striving to improve your health and physique, this ingenious combination will help you get rid of bad habits, break behavioral patterns leading to lethargy and failure, and spur you on to set new benchmarks in your physical abilities. Through a few easy-to-learn techniques, this guide will give you the drive to get up a challenging hill. This hill can be both physical and psychological. This facilitating combo will support you from the start when you are defining your goals and planning out your schedule, right through to staying motivated.

The power of music

“There is a charm: a power that sways the breast Bids every passion, revel or be still, Inspires with rage or all your cares dissolves, Can sooth distraction and almost despair – That power is music”. – Armstrong, 1774

There is no denying the motivational power of music

  • Transporter of emotions
  • Fuel to your soul
  • Inspiration for dreams

Reiki and music give you wings

ultimate motivation guide

Let’s not forget to mention the indisputable power of music as  motivator. According to Costas Karageorghis, PhD, an associate professor of sport psychology at Brunel University, the BPM in music can also stimulate or calm athletes prior to competition, and help synchronize their movements with an optimal tempo. This guide will help you compile playlists that are best suited to you. To maximize your performance. Keep you motivated and happy all the way. Your personal attributes as well as the type of exercise you are doing are all taken into consideration.

[products limit=”1″ columns=”3″ orderby=”date” order=”DESC” ids=”1739″]

All the hard work has been done for you.

All you have to do is get changed and turn the music up!

Through the symbiosis of Reiki and music, you will find that magic “kick” to propel you around the track or keep you pedaling up the hill. You will be able to dig deep down inside you to your “center of energy” as you disassociate from the physical limitations of your body and soar to mind-blowing lengths.


“An awesome, inspiring book and fab idea to combine the 2 tools of reiki and music to achieve what you want.” – Martha

“I just wanted to write to say how enlightening your guide has been. I have found it really easy to follow and beautifully explained and though it was written as a guide to getting fit I have found so much wisdom in your chapter on vibrations, wisdom that has really resonated with me in my particular situation with my 14 year marriage to a negatively charged selfish man. Thank you!” – Stacey

“The book is exactly right for helping people through life crises. The Reiki really helps you to focus. I thought I had a lot of  willpower, I recently completed a 5k run for charity, but then I seemed to lose my drive. I found this guide at just the right time. Everything is so much easier now.” – Alex

Available as paperback, Kindle and audio book

The new way to get fit - channel your chi and pump up the volume!! Get ready to be motivated!

Are you ready to realise your potential? Try the 10-minute routine it will help you work harder for longer and improve your life.

free energy guide optin

Benefits of Aloe Vera for You as a Healthy Writer

This wonder medicine plant is an essential part of every writer’s Pencil Case of Success!
Forget all binge-watching, binge-eating off-days, those are a thing of the past once you add aloe to your daily diet. It boosts your health, energy levels and concentration.
Discover what other benefits this miracle plant has in store for you.

Why take aloe vera? As a freelance writer your energy resources are depleted and pulled in every direction. In your writing, running your business and staying motivated. Drink aloe and stay on tops of your work. Reap the benefits. Why not?

When we find something amazing, human tendency is to either hide it away to covet it just for ourselves or to shout it from the roof tops and share its beauty so that all may reap its rewards. Aloe Vera has been the victim of both. So let’s get to the root of the matter and explore why creative freelancers should be indulging in what has been dubbed the miracle Medicine Plant.

Queen Nefertiti
Queen Nefertiti used aloe vera to enhance her beauty

A rich past

The aloe plant was left to wilt in the dark for many a decade after its initial heyday when it was used by the Egyptians in their renowned beauty regimes and in their mummification rituals. Right up until the 18th and 19th century it was still one of the most popular over-the-counter remedies until, more recently, it was pushed into the darkness by conventional medicines, i.e. more “orthodox” options. Mainstream pill-popping took over as herbal medicine spiralled in decline.

But did Aloe really ever go? It uses are so vast and the people who use it are so diverse, there was no chance of keeping this wondrous plant out of the light for long. It never really disappeared… it is too powerful for that!

Weird and wonderful uses

1. To ward off evil
Aloe vera is used to give spiritual baths to block and ward off evil spirits. This method is  observed in many spiritual belief systems across the world. The common consensus is that Aloe vera has the ability to block evil spirits.

2. To prolong beauty
This use should come as no surprise no wonder it is so powerful considering the ancient civilization of Egypt used it to preserves the integrity of the physical body during life and death. Aloe vera keeps the skin looking fresh for the living. It contains properties that maintains the collagen of the skin and prevents the elasticity from becoming loose. It was one of the ingredients in embalming fluid.

3. Re-calibrate our frequency system
Thank to its electrolytic properties it helps the cells that are experiencing blockages or that are not communicating with each other. This is because the plant contains electrolyte minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium, which support important physiological processes resulting from our nervous and cardiac systems. A marvelous boost to your energy levels and capacity to think clearly.

take control of your health with aloe

Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aside from its use in spiritual and mummification rituals, there are real facts to support this miracle plant’s health benefits: (source PubMed)

  1. Helps the Immune System
  2. Helps Burns, Scars, Cuts and Hair
  3. Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  4. Improves Digestion and Detoxifies the Body
  5. Aloe Vera is Anti-bacterial, Anti-septic, Anti-fungal and Anti-viral
  6. Aloe Vera is an Adaptogen
  7. Helps Constipation
  8. Improves Circulation and Cardiovascular Health
  9. Protects the Kidneys
  10. Helps against Diabetes
  11. Facilitates Weight Loss
  12. Helps With Candida Overgrowth
  13. Slows the Growth of Cancer Tumors
  14. Increases Energy Levels
  15. Helps against Ulcers, Crohn’s Disease and IBS (Irritable Bowel Sydrome)

Yes it is a long list! And it is not exhaustive.  Thanks to recent research and case studies, Aloe is back in its full glory; it is even growing in importance in the mainstream medical branch with its inclusion in a CAM report, which examines alternative and complementary medicine and determines how providers of such therapies and remedies, such as herbal medicine, can be regulated.

Get hooked on aloe

I would highly recommend that you somehow incorporate this plant into your diet. Either as a quick shot in the morning, added to your smoothie or in capsule form. the benefits for a creative mind to have all that added energy is priceless. Because all your guns are firing at 100% you are able to focus with amazing clarity and get to business without distractions or fatigue getting in the way.

In conclusion, if you are serious about your health and you are serious about accomplishing your goals, drink aloe vera. If nothing else, try it for 1 week. After that you will never want to be without it.

The Aloe plant has a rich and varied past, and I believe its future is likely to be equally as fruitful.

If you are interested in finding out more or sampling some products, visit the Forever Living Products site where you can be assured of sustainably grown plants, and start your journey to good health today.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation isn’t just for tree-huggers and hippies, it is for anyone who seeks peace of mind, boundless energy and reuced anxiety… and much, much more. Read on to find out how you can add some simple techniques to your your everyday routine.

The Benefits of Meditation & Why You Should Meditate

courtesy of

Graham Whitehead Health

Meditation is something I have been doing and coaching people regularly for 4 years now, so today I wanted to share some of the benefits with you.

Benefits of meditation
You can meditate anywhere

A lot of people consider it to be airy-fairy hocus pocus for long-haired hippies that has no benefit. What I can tell you is that it was good enough for Arnold Schwarzenegger who meditates regularly (the Meditator not Terminator!).

Furthermore, take a look at some of the most successful business people in the world. In the Book, Tool of Titans by Tim Ferris he interviews and analyses world-class performers, icons, and billionaires. 80% OF THE PEOPLE INTERVIEWED IN THIS BOOK WERE REGULAR MEDITATORS.

What are the benefits?

  • Meditation improves sleep
  • Meditation reduces levels of stress hormone (cortisol)
  • Meditation improves energy levels
  • Meditation helps you think clearer to help identify your vision
  • Meditation is great for weight/fat loss due to the fact that you become more insulin sensitive and your level of stress hormones reduce
  • Meditation is a great anti-ageing practice
  • Prevents you from making poor decisions
  • Improves your self-awareness
  • Increases oxygen intake

Benefits of meditation
Meditation is for everyone

There are many ways to meditate but you can choose to start off with this basic approach below. Once you have done this a number of times you may alter or find a more effective method that works best for YOU.

  • Begin with 10 minutes twice a day, but know the more often you do it the more benefit you will get.
  • Download some relaxing music, a guided meditation from YouTube or you use any of the meditation apps or podcasts. Some people don’t need any music. You are better downloading the music or guided meditation so you do not get disturbed while meditating. Ensure your phone is on airplane mode.
  • Lying down or sit up straight while listening to peaceful music or guided meditation take a deep diaphragmatic breath in as your belly expands, and then exhale out through the mouth. Repeat this for 10 minutes.

Check out a video from Graham Whitehead to ensure you are breathing the correct way:

Breathing Technique Video  from Graham Whitehead who also recommends checking out the book ‘Meditation for Dummies’ as it offers you some simple and easily applicable practices to begin with.

Take a break from life’s chaos, you’ll soon reap the benefits and never want to stop!

How to Heal from Past Relationships

Dr Vanessa Dias deals with a prolific but rarely properly handled subject.

Dr Vanessa Dias deals with a prolific but rarely properly handled subject. When we are “released’ into the world, we are not fully aware of how others can affect us for the long term. All relationships impact on us at a cellular level and I believe her suggestion to get to the root of the pain is sound advice. Do not run away from your pain. You need to heal. First accept it, acknowledge the pain and then search remedies in a holistic approach such as through a combination of yoga, crystal healing, meditation, you time and positive self-affirmations.

5 Habits for Personal Growth

Dare to make a difference by adopting just 5 new attitudes for 24 hours. Experience the power of inner peace and a pure positivity. Release your inner – peaceful – warrior.

Spiritual Growth: When I Change, the World Changes

Are you ready for a 24-hour challenge that will change your life forever. These 5 habits for personal growth are the foundation to a happier life.

I had arrived on my own. The last thing I was feeling was adventurous. The Queen Suite at the Cedar Court Hotel, Harrogate was dotted with prospective listeners, certainly not enough to afford a secure hiding place where I could sneak in unnoticed to listen to:

Dare to Make a Difference

an experiential talk by Jane Kay, Brahma Kumaris

My intentions may have been narrow-minded, to while away some time, but the results were mind blowing.

The genteel speaker’s words were thought-provoking and I rose to her personal challenges (see below). When the rickety music player began emitting some poor quality Hindu music I felt sure that the group meditation at the end would be more of a moment for further reflection and relaxation. I did not expect to see the flood of light emanate from Jane Kay to fill the room… was it some kind of technological trickery or an optical illusion? Perhaps I could explain it away with the fact that I was focusing on the centre of her forehead as instructed thereby de-focussing my peripheral vision. Yes, my logical ego-lead head had managed to explain away the phenomenon, but it was stumped when the room was then filled with a purple haze. True wondrous purple everywhere I looked.

Now I was ready to take the dare to change myself, to change the world. Are you?

1) Retain a sense of peace

Regardless of what situation you are confronted with, you should try to retain an intrinsic sense of internal peace. After all, we only get upset or annoyed when others don’t do things the way that we would… just let go of this need for control. Example: If your child does not tidy his/her room, is it worth you loosing your temper? You and the household will suffer and the room will be untidy again next week. Don’t let things bother you; experience how peace will reign.

The challenge is not to complain or criticise for 24 hours

2) Love everyone and everything

This is a hard one. You may meet people you really do not feel any love for, so here is how you manage this challenge: see everybody as a sunflower. Everyone out there is like me and you. We are all doing what we can to get on in life, we’re all different, but all the same too.  Do not judge, you only see a snapshot of peoples’ lives not the whole picture. Like a dirty river does not tell you about the clear bubbling spring and the beautiful lush green landscapes it  has carved through before you now see it muddied and littered.  Remember: be open-minded, see the sunflowers instead of just a limited snapshot.

spiritual growth through happiness

3) Be happy all the time

You may already know that this is a challenge. Perhaps if you considered happiness to be more of a choice rather than an accidental emotion you might think differently. If you have a blue balloon to represent your sad emotions and a red balloon to represent your happy emotions and put an equal amount of effort into blowing them up, they would float and last the same, but if you were to put more effort into keeping the blue balloon afloat with negative thoughts the red balloon of happiness would deflate through neglect. Putting more effort into your red happiness balloon will make it soar and your blue balloon of misery will effortlessly shrink and drop. Keep your red balloons full!

positive thoughts

4) Have pure positive thoughts for others

This may not be as straightforward as the other challenges. Still its message is straightforward: do not be jealous or covet what others have. Do not rob them of their time. Everyone in life has their time to shine. Maybe you have already had yours, maybe it is yet to come. If you see someone else basking in the glorious light of success (whatever form that may be) do not deprive them of this time to be happy and fulfilled, do not wish it were you and think ill of them as a result. Rejoice with them. Be happy for them. Have pure and positive thoughts. Enjoy your time when it comes – and when it does, you will want others to join in with you, not to think you undeserving. Share in the positivity.

spiritual growth

5) Pursue a spiritual path, make wisdom part of your life

I do not think this challenge is meant to be religious, well I certainly do not take it that way as I do not follow a religious faith. Spiritual growth is more about expanding your horizons, letting go of doctrines, habits and ways of thinking that may have been thrown upon you by society or your parents. Let go of this imposed resistance. Let go of this stubbornness that is rooted in your egocentric tendencies. Free yourself from prejudicial traditions and habits that are stopping you from experiencing life as you would like to naturally. Follow the instinct from your “second” brain, your gut instinct. Let go of your ego. Let go of resistance. Embrace all the peace, love, happiness, purity and positivity these 5 “dares” will open up to you and become a force to be reckoned with.

Try these 5 Dares for just 24 hours, then maybe  for couple of days because you notice how good you feel, then make them part of your life – you may be surprised at how it unnerves others as you can no longer be manipulated.

Do you dare to challenge your world?

How to Become More Creative – an Unusual Hack

In a sedentary, desk-bound job? Feeling sluggish? Give your mind and body a service with this amazing massage technique.
It will get everything flowing again, awaken your kundalini and let the creativity pour through your meridians onto your page.
Get your creative juices flowing + feel revitalised!

For unlimited creativity and a boost to your physical wellbeing

What is this great secret weapon to unlock the doors of creativity? A Lymphatic massage. It may well be the least sexy massage name ever for perhaps one of the best massages ever.

A massage technique that is not only good for your health but also releases your creativity. Learn how you become more creative when your body is in balance and your energy is flowing freely.

Just what is lymphatic drainage and its benefits?

Before I dive into the wonders of a lymphatic drainage massage, maybe I need to enlighten you of what your lymphatic system is just in case you have never  heard of this alternative health treatment before… after reading this you will definitely be heading out to your nearest lymphatic drainage therapist.

What is our lymphatic system?

The white vessels in our body circulate lymph, a clear fluid that flows from our lymph nodes, through out our body. As you can see from the diagram there is a high concentration of nodes around our throat, armpits, abdominal  and groin area. These nodes filter out and stop infection and other “invading” bodies – a bit like a waste filtration system. Lymph is to our lymphatic system what blood is to our circulatory system. While our circulatory system has the heart to pump and keep it moving and flowing… the lymphatic system depends on your skeletal muscular system moving it through your joints. If the lymph is not flowing freely then our system will block up with excess fluid and contamination (e.g. excess protein, debris, cells, etc). These blockages could cause swelling and become a breeding ground for infection.

So you can see why it is important for your lymphatic system to be flowing freely.

What a lymphatic drainage massage involves:

A certified massage therapist will apply a series of gentle, rhythmic tapping on your lymph nodes to stimulate them to open and drain. The massaging may be done by hand as well as by using a little suction cup that actually draws out the lymph. The treatment is very comfortable and is not invasive at all – no hose pipes attached to dubious areas as may have been envisaged by some of you! A typical session will involve drainage of the head, neck, abdomen and your extremities and will last anywhere from one hour to 90 minutes.  It is a completely non-invasive “massage” consisting of gentle stimulation in the areas of your lymphatic glands.

Don’t expect to be kneaded and pounded and stretched, this is a very gentle process involving tapping to stimulate the nodes and smoothing of the skin to get the lymph fluid moving.

rebalance with a lymphatic massage

The effects of a lymphatic massage

If you are in a sedentary job like me, maybe not exercising enough, you may feel “sluggish” and want to give your body a bit of an MOT. It is also great for getting your immune system working properly, reducing water retention (don’t expect your cellulite to disappear overnight!) and improve your metabolism. Plus it is a great way to DETOX.

Here are the astonishing “effects” I experience after just one treatment:

Day 1 – A very relaxing treatment, during which I felt my body tingling and literally felt the lymph fluid starting to circulate. A little tired in the evening but generally just relaxed. Increased intake of water. Didn’t want “unhealthy” foods or wine.

Day 2 – A pounding headache. Obviously the toxins that had been released through the movement of my lymph fluid were on the move. I also felt tired and emotional (I cried at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!!) Continued increased intake of fluid and did not want snack food.

Day 3 – Overrun by sheer fatigue. Do not plan anything strenuous the days after your massage – you just want to sleep. It can hit you any time soon after. Plus a little nauseous.

Day 4 – Not really tired anymore, still hungry for good food and thirsty. Visibly improved complexion.

Day 5 – A miracle. Everything seems easy. Exercise is easy. Concentrating is easy. No sense of fatigue. Like a teenager again without the angst!

Unstoppable Creativity

Day 6 to Day 14 – A fortnight of mad unstoppable creativity and energy. A wrote a book, I made videos and audios, woke early, started exercising properly again, didn’t feel tired.

I am not sure if everyone experiences a flood of creativity, but I am sure it is related to my lymphatic massage. Clearing the toxins out of the body really peps you up, so you are working at 100%.

An amazing experience I would recommend to anyone:

I went for 3 sessions and would say you need at least 2 to ensure it works. You can also help yourself by exercising regularly, even jumping up and down helps!, or trying some DIY drainage techniques.

Keep your engine well serviced. Go for a body MOT and be ready for instant rejuvenation, increased productivity and endless creativity!

The Mental & Emotional Benefits of Dancing

Invigorating Salsa nights – Dancing is essential to inner happiness and harmony and salsa offers all the magic and intense passion life can offer.

Let’s Salsa!

What are the Mental & Emotional Benefits of Dancing?

You'll be glad to hear this I'm sure! Dancing is great for your emotional + mental health. It literally keeps you on your toes, improves your focus, memory, happiness and health - plus it's fun! Go on, get dancing, and get writing!

Incredible as it may sound dancing improves your body as much mentally as it does physically – and maybe even more.The benefits and potential of  dancing (in particular dancing with a partner, such as in Salsa) for general health, as a complementary treatment for diseases, anti-aging and social wellbeing, have being recognized by recent research. Salsa is is an art of living that pursues  a healthy, harmonious and happy life. Here are some of the benefits of Salsa from different perspectives:

First of all as a fitness routine: It is considered a moderate intensity, low impact, aerobic exercise –  although as some of us know it can also be high-impact and very energetic! It is not restricted by age, sex, space or time. Many studies show regular Salsa  promotes general health including cardio-respiratory and musculoskeletal function, posture control and the immune system.

Dancing increases your happiness. One of the many psychological benefits of aerobic exercises, such as dancing, is that of helping a person to feel happy and remain in a positive mood.

Not only does dancing keep you fit, it has other key benefits that are not so obvious, which may not have thought of:

1. Increased happiness

Is it the release of endorphins or simple fun? Experts around the world prove that dancing lowers levels of stress hormones and significantly lowers levels of depression. Dancing is essential to inner happiness and harmony and salsa if one form of dance that offers all the magic and intense passion life can offer.

One of the many psychological benefits of aerobic exercises is that of helping a person to feel happy and remain in a positive mood. As a freelance writer or blogger you need to be prepared to face different difficulties in your field of work often on your own. Dancing can help you to handle the stress and possible depression that comes along with the lack of results, rejections from agents and just keeping your spirits up to keep you motivated

Invigorating Salsa nights are hosted all over the world. Find one in your town!

2. Improved mental health

Secondly, dancing is a wonderful way to improve your mental health and counteract the onset of depression. Depression affects about 121 million people worldwide. Finding an affordable, non-intrusive and effective treatment is an absolute must for society, not just on an individual level but also on a macro level where we are seeing depression impacting on productivity and as a springboard to further illnesses.

What better way to combat these effects than dancing!? And this is what dancing offers as a promoter of mental health:

  • supports your sense of empowerment, accomplishment and personal identity
  • provides a spontaneous activity
  • an opportunity to repeat skills previously learnt
  • a form of non-verbal expression
  • motivation to participate – encouraging autonomy and taking initiative
  • medium for preserving intellectual and physical functions without being confronted by the fear of negative feelings
  • stimulates communication with others
  • offers a way to share experiences
  • a wonderful way to make and maintain meaningful contact with others
  • social interaction, combating loneliness and isolation
How dancing improves your mental health. If you're a freelance creative, you need extra support in ensuring your emotional and mental health do not burn out quickly. Dancing is a great way to feel positive and refill your creative well.great way to

Naturally dancing comes with so many other benefits like improved cardiovascular function, increased body strength, improved balance and posture, enhanced agility and coordination, as well as boosting your self esteem and confidence. And besides – it’s a great excuse to get away from your desk! You will really shift your vibrations to a whole other level and refill your well of creativity!

3. Improved concentration

Thirdly as a meditation, the rhythmic motion guided by focusing your mind leads you, in the physical sense, into a meditative state known as  “moving meditation”. Therefore, just like any other form of meditation, this will benefit the parasympathetic nerve system which helps reduce stress and improve concentration. Furthermore, Research shows that meditation soothes the mind, enhances concentration. You are essentially giving your brain a rest from all of its usual worrying thoughts (just like when you practice mindfulness). Consequently, you are silencing the chatter of your mind. However, you are also simultaneously engaging your brain into thinking. it has to think about the sequence of steps, a particular dance routine, signs from your partners and so on. all this keeps the brain alert and uses parts of your brain you normally would not use, let’s say if you were watching TV!

Learn how salsa improves your concentration as an active form of meditation in movement!

Add to the above the fact that cardio exercise helps you sleep better and because you’re having so much fun dancing your stress levels are lowered, this is a fantastic way to improve your mental agility! Not to mention your physical agility!

4. An antidote to aging

Move it or lose it!

Finally, dancing improves brain function on a variety of levels. Two recent studies in the U.S show how different types of practice allow dancers to achieve peak performance. This is done by combining cerebral and cognitive thought processes with muscle memory and proprioception held in the cerebellum. Through regular exercise that incorporates some type of dance at least once a week anyone can maximize their brain function.

Because practicing a dance like the salsa involves both the body and the mind it offers both physiological and psychological benefits. Studies have shown that the psychological benefits include improvements in:

  • confidence
  • quality of life
  • motivation
  • clarity
  • mood
  • mental health disorders
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • and even phobias.
Salsa as an antidote to aging. Anything that makes you happy, gets you moving and initiates social interaction helps counter the effects of aging and dancing offers all three of these elements!

Learning salsa requires you to focus attention and be fully present in the moment, much like the practice of yoga. This makes Salsa unique in that you must maintain constant awareness and connection with your partner.
This mindful focus can switch off the negative thought patterns associated with stress and depression. In a related study, dancing Salsa reduced cortisol, the hormone associated with stress.

There is growing evidence to shows that dancing can help slow down the aging process. Studies show that people who dance on a regular basis have a significantly higher number of self-renewal cells! Other evidence indicates that dancing may be an effective, fun and non-invasive method for maintaining bone mineral density in postmenopausal women. As a result, the movement involved can positively impact musculoskeletal strength. Salsa even more than other styles of dance may afford greater effectiveness in enhancing cognitive function as a result of itsinterdependent mind-body connection. You cannot switch off when you dance the Salsa!!

Lifestyle choices – a social affair

Dancing with a partner to music has more positive effects than dancing alone or moving with a partner without music. This is backed up by research, which also suggests that freestyle partner dancing may offer the best benefit of all.

In conclusion you can see that Salsa (dancing)

  • is a moderate aerobic exercise
  • trains agility and mobility
  • involves learning and memorizing new skills and movement patterns
  • includes training in sustained attention-focus, shifting, and multi-tasking
  • and is even a form of meditative and relaxation training

Another bonus dancing offers you is the opportunity to dedicate more time to leisure activities and social interaction.

So get your salsa shoes on and step up to the beat of well-being!

Thanks to Salseros LA for inspiring this article.