10 Easy Ways to Stop Feeling Tired All the Time

Tired of feeling tired? Here are 10 top tips to stop feeling tired all the time and being more awake, alert and focused.

Typical causes of fatigue often include lack of sleep and being overworked. I’m sure you’re familiar with both – so where are you supposed to get the energy to write when you’re feeling tired all the time!?

No energy to write? Learn how to feel more awake instead of feeling tired all the time with these 10 simple tips.

After a hectic, stressful day, you come home with plans to write, but as you start to relax, that’s it, you’re done in and feeling sleepy. You can kiss any hopes of concentrating or feeling creative goodbye. I’ve been there and would like to share a few “tricks” that can help you fight this fatal bout of fatigue:

1. Fresh Air

A main cause of fatigue and lack of concentration is the “caged” effect where you indoor air has high levels of carbon dioxide. We constantly release carbon dioxide when we breath. Therefore, ensuring you have adequate ventilation is a very effective way to battle off the onset of feeling tired. So swing open the window and breathe in deeply for at least one minute.

2. Movement

Exercise is one of the most effective remedies for fatigue. I have yet to meet anyone who has fallen asleep whilst exercising! Whether you jump on the spot, swing your arms around, do squats or go for a walk – the main thing is to move. This gets your circulation going, increases your oxygen uptake and stifles the onset of fatigue. If you’re in an apartment or office, or aren’t really the sporty type, I recommend doing stretches at regular intervals as described in Yogitivity for example.

3. Cold Water

Nothing like cold water to wake you up! Splash cold water on your face, as well as your neck – just the trick to jump start your mind and body. Plus, don’t forget to drink water to help hydrate and refresh you. Staying hydrated is key to being alert and stress-free.

4. Coffee and Tea

Basically I live by the rule of thumb: don’t drink caffeinated drinks, they will make you feel tired. The stimulating effect of coffee and certain teas is well known. However, I would say if you love coffee, limit yourself to just one cup per day. The rest of the time drink decaf. You could also opt for energy drinks, but ultimately they leave you feeling more tired when consumed in excess – and don’t forget the calories. Go for something more natural and longer lasting, such as amazing teas from Forever Living or Tea Pigs

4. Essential Oils

Talking about natural options…. there is a whole world of natural remedies for fatigue out there. These 9 are the best for reducing fatigue:

  • Bergamot
  • Geranium
  • Black Spruce
  • Rosemary
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon

Pop a few drops in your diffuser and keep going with focus and purpose. Plus they make the room smell great!

5. Watch What You Eat

We’ve all fallen victim to the post-lunch slump. In biological terms this happens because of the increased demand in oxygen for the digestion process. Apparently, since a lot more oxygen is being directed to the digestive system there is not same level supplying the brain, resulting in fatigue symptoms.

Find out what foods your body deals with best – follow a clean diet (free guide and recipes). The harder is it for your body to digest (e.g. carbohydrates, the wrong combination of food types, etc.), the more oxygen is used for digestion. Therefore, you should opt for a light meal during the working day.

6. Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are also a tried and tested remedy, which hardly require any time, plus you can do them anytime, anywhere. Here is a breathing exercise that is fun and effective:

Breathing exercise to lift the spirits

Or you can use the “breath of fire” technique to increase new blood flow and oxygen in the brain. This is really powerful! Take care and start off gently. Click here for link to quick video.

  1. Sit up tall, stretching out the space between your belly button and heart.
  2. Breathe in and out through the nose and start to pull your belly in as you exhale, and push it out as you inhale. Imagine your belly fills up with air during the inhale and use your abdominal muscles to push the air out during the exhale.
  3. Start to shorten each breath and pick up the pace. The breathing should be loud and quick.
  4. Try to make you inhale and exhale the same length and strength.

7. Power Naps

This “power nap” is for me a very effective remedy for emerging fatigue. Ideal for gaining new energy in no time. At the beginning, a lot of practice is required until this nap succeeds at all times. But this practice pays off in any case.

How a real power nap works, what it can provide and what needs to be considered, is explained by the sleep researcher Matthew P. Walker, Associate Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley:

Why naps are good for us

8. Sleep

It might be an obvious one, but if you’re not getting enough sleep, you will most certainly feel tired during the day. Since lack of sleep is one of the main causes of fatigue, you should get into a regular sleep routine (e.g. 10pm to 6am). Following the rising and setting of the sun is best.

9. Crystals

Crystals are energy themselves as they are constantly vibrating. Here are some of the top energy-boosting crystals:

  1. Carnelian – boost your energy
  2. Hematite – beat the post-lunch slump
  3. Citrine – calm inspiring energy
  4. Kyanite – encourage efficiency
  5. Calcite – spiritual support
  6. Rose quarts – protect against negative energy
  7. Fluorite – block electromagnetic stress

With the right crystals you can get through anything.

10. Morning and Bedtime Routines

Naturally you need to look at your morning routing and your bedtime routine. I find that these help enormously in getting your body ready for the day and respectively, ready for a good night’s rest.

My Miracle Morning Routine

These are just a few tips on how to stop feeling tired all the time. Do you have any more you’d like to share below?