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How to Look Young and Be More Grateful, Grounded and Gorgeous – by Francesca Hepton

A magic formula conjured from millennia-old Ayurveda principles and practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine, combined with targeted asanas and a resetting of your internal compass for more youthful looks. Too good to be true? Try it. You have nothing to loose, other than those frown lines between your eyes! Angelina’s tried and tested theory of rejuvelaxation is now yours to own in this pragmatic guide with step-by-step tips and weekly meal planner.

Plus a FREE 20-minute TWIST DETOX audio routine (claim details are inside the book) designed specifically to detox the organs directly linked with your frown lines. Go on, try the magic and conjure a younger, healthier you! HOW TO LOOK YOUNG and be more grateful, grounded and gorgeous

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