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Healthy Body. Healthy Mind.

A key factor in relaxing, unwinding and releasing your “ki” and awakening your “kundalini.

From hands-off Reiki massages to deep-tissue and lymphatic massages, Harrogate offers it all together with 2 fantastic colleges and a plethora of clinics.

Massages are growing in popularity

People came from all over Europe for Harrogate’s spa waters, it is a place of healing. With its sense of balance, state of the art and Georgian architecture interspersed with greenery and floral hanging baskets, it is the ideal location for a massage break away.

A comprehensive list of all  massage offers in Harrogate see below: (links coming soon)


Acquatic bodywork
Active Release
Aromatherapy massage
Ayurvedic massage
Bio-mechanical stimulation massage (BMS)
Biodynamic massage
Burmese massage
Deep tissue massage
Hot stone
Indian Head Massge
Lymphatic Drainage
Medical massage
Myofascial massage
Pregnancy massage
Sports Therapy Massage
Swedish massage
Thai Massage
Traditional Chinese massage
Trigger point therapy
Tui Na

Links to Articles

Nice to see a man in this business so dominated by women

Magic Massages

Massages in Harrogate

New & Different Kinds of Massages and Therapy

Here are some of the lesser known or not so mainstream massages/treatments on offer

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle and effective treatment that stimulates the natural healing mechanisms within our body. It can relieve physical pain, acute and chronic illnesses, emotional or mental disorders. Visit The Serenity Centre

Trigger Point Therapy

A pressure massage on so-called trigger points activates a strong stimulus on strained muscle fibres and the nerve receptors. The muscle fibres respond by relaxing and lengthening, improving circulation and alleviating the pain. Visit Neil Asher

Kinesio Taping

So-called kinesio tapes are applied to the affected areas of the body in order to stabilise and relax them. Depending on the area of the body, the tape can be worn for one to two weeks and continue to be effective. Showering, swimming or even a visit to the sauna do not impede the results. Visit LMM Sports Therapy

Ayurveda MARMA Vital Point Massage

Activating the energy flow in your body: vital points are intensively massaged through gentle movements releasing any blockages and bringing the body back into balance. Currently not offered in Harrogate, but the Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing might a good starting point.

Fascia manipulation technique

The holistic fascia release technique relieves tension and adhesions in your connective tissue that cause muscle tension, thereby improving your mobility and performance. Visit Harrogate Sports Massage


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