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“Kintalini” is the symbiosis of harmony and the natural energy that animates all living things.

When we attain a state of kintalini, we are in perfect balance with our true self and we can achieve our full potential. Our latent energy is released through methods such as meditation, massage and yoga; we are able to release the preconditioned and selfish ego that resides within us and simply be our true selves. This state of harmony is the end destination we work towards on our journey of wellness.

Balancing stones - harmony, kintalini

Balancing stones – harmony, kintalini

We need to strike a good balance between work and play. The whole yin and yang theory. Too much of one will offbalance us and upset our system of wellbeing. As humans, we are built to strive for balance. Our body’s systems are geared to maintain homeostasis. We also need this homeostasis in our spiritual being, in our mind.

Being healthy, fit and energised help us to attain this harmony. And Harrogate offers the perfect setting in all respects. Firstly, it is a town that has attained the state of kintalini through its balance of old and new, traditional and modern, urbanism and nature. In Harrogate – a well-known centre for wellbeing and healing – we are surrounded by beautiful Georgian buildings of the past, thoughtful modern architecture and plenty of greenery with our protected Stray and surrounding fields and woodlands.


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