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Healthy Body. Healthy Mind.

A place of healing, harmony and vitality

Welcome to Harrogate! The home of “kintalini” where perfect balance and harmony are achieved. Always renowned since the 1500s as a desirable destination for its healing waters and picturesque surroundings, Harrogate continues to be a mecca for visitors in search of rest, relaxation and a touch of magic.

This blog site is intended to celebrate my hometown as a wonderful location for health and wellbeing – a tradition that has been with Harrogate since its early days – and to encourage other residents around the world to look at what their own hometown’s strongest and most positive traits are. If we celebrate and promote the positive, we can create a world we want to live in.

Eight Paths of Wellness

Just like Yoga has its eight limbs, “wellness” has its own eight dimensions and Harrogate fufils all of these: occupational, emotional, spiritual, environmental, financial, physical, social and intellectual. To achieve complete harmony and bring our energy system in balance, “kintalini©”, each dimension must be looked after as they are interrelated with another. Each one is just as vital as the next in the pursuit of optimum, holistic wellbeing.

Cherry blossom Harrogate

Romantic cherry blossom along the Stray and Tewit Well (photo by Gordon Ratcliffe)

This elegant spa town has it all: the perfect location for romance and mystery, contemporary art, endless fantastic restaurants, exotic Turkish Baths, 88 natural springs, impressive Georgian buildings, boutique sophistication, extravagant events, cobbled streets of yesteryear, cherry blossom and leafy avenues, cosy cafes and quaint tearooms, cosmopolitan bars, intriguing independent shops, inviting galleries, places of learning, wellness centres… it caters for all 8 dimensions of wellness.

It is all in the name


The origin of the name “Harrogate” may stem from Old Norse hǫrgr ‘a heap of stones, cairn’ + gata ‘street’, in which case the name presumably meant ‘road to the cairn’ (hence the logo for the site). These stacked pebbles represent a balanced state. Just like a mini cairn. Harrogate is the perfect town for restoring your balance. With its peaceful setting and wide range of leisure options, you will find all the ingredients for wellness here.

A lady of elegance, style and vitality

I would describe Harrogate as a cosmopolitan town with the heart of a country village; if it were a lady, it would be described as an iconic and timeless beauty with a gracious and welcoming smile

So what makes Harrogate so special? Like any successful lady, she looks after herself, keeps her identity strong while welcoming change, striking a balance between work and play, exploring new ideas, embracing differences and always being “home” to those who love her.


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