Being active is key for mental wellbeing

Getting fit doesn’t mean getting “big”. It is central to keeping your whole body and mind healthy and with so many great clubs to choose from in Harrogate, from the deluxe fitness gyms and private weight-loss studios to the sweaty boxing clubs, you have no excuses for not trying.

fitness harrogate
Uncover your inner power
Evidence shows that being fit can  improve your mental state of health.
The mind and body are  separate. What a ridiculous idea – of course they are not. So don’t treat them as if they are. Take an holistic approach to your sens of wellbeing and inner harmony. What you do with your body can have a powerful effect on the health of your mind. It can help people with depression as it releases the happy hormone (dopamine and endorphins) which change the mood you are in, it can help release anxiety and reduce stress.
fitness harrogate
Feel good about yourself

What exactly is the health of your mind? Well, wellbeing essentially means feeling good – both about yourself and about the world around you.In French they say: “Je suis bien dans mon peau” It literally means they feel comfortable in their skin, i.e. you feel good at ease being who you are.

Fitness regimes don’t have to involve hours in the gym or endless miles on a treadmill. There are literally limitless possibilities and different types of physical activities you can enjoy and get fit at the same time. Luckily some of our gyms in Harrogate incorporate these such as Zumba, Sh’bam and Barre classes. But even Salsa and going out to the disco is a way of keeping fit and you’d definitely be more inclined to fit those activities into your daily life!

Get more active for your mind’s sake

How many gyms does one town need!! Over 70 it would appear!!

Check them out here:

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David Lloyd Gym Harrogate
David Lloyd Gym Harrogate








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