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Health and healing festival Harrogate

I drew my Angel Card upon entering the Health & Healing Festival held at the formidable Cedar Court Hotel in Harrogate this weekend, and what did I get? expectancy | ikˈspektənsē | noun (plural expectancies) the state of thinking or hoping that something, especially something pleasant, will happen or be the case: they waited with …

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The Vitruvian Man

Who are Harrogate’s Wellness Warriors? Who proactively promotes the health and wellbeing of our town’s residents? You’d be surprised with what I discovered. 1. The prime promoter of wellness and the kintalini way is the town’s own council. It may not be the glamorous or visually inspiring warrior you may have envisaged to top these …

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Reiki share harrogate

Are you loving the energy and balance you get from Reiki but have no one to share it with? Fear not there is a place where you can go and the people won’t think you’re cuckoo! The Harrogate Reikinians are extremely welcoming and growing in number. You can have an interesting chit-chat with like-minded people, …

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Harrogate Spiritual Healing Church

Even the seemingly conservative town of Harrogate ingratiates all disciplines. We have numerous beautiful churches of a whole variety of faiths. We also have our  own Spiritualist Healing Church. Another reason why I am so proud of this town: it embraces the freedom of choice. It is quite the hive of activity. If you visit …

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