5 Tips To Spice Up Your Workplace And Become More Productive

Great post. In addition to adding things to inspire us to do something different, we can also help ourselves by making physical space for the things we want to do. ex. I took the TV out of my spare room and set up an “art” corner…. now what will I be doing instead of watching the box!:)

Road to Happiness

We’ve all heard the words: home is where the heart is. 

However for most of us, home has become a trap. A comfort trap, someplace we look forward to everyday simply to do nothing.

For those of us eager for change in our loves, this has become a huge problem. We no longer look around our rooms for inspiration or motivation, as we should. Instead, it’s become a daily reminder that today will be just the same as yesterday. 

And if we don’t change the environment we live in, how can we hope to change at all?

But how do we turn out workplace into an inspiration, a playground for ideas to blossom from? A place for our inner child to go crazy and let loose?

The good news is, it’s an easy and fun change.


Tip #1 – Add Something Different

It’s been a while since something different found…

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Signs of a Burnout

Burning the candle at both ends?
5 signs that you may be chronically fatigued because your body is on constant ALERT mode. If you are, here are some steps to reverse the effects.

Are you burning your candle at both ends?

I never believed or paid any attention to people who told me that I’d burn out. “Be careful, you’ll burn out at some stage if you carry on like this!” I thought I could go on forever working like the fury, fitting into other people’s schedules but never stopping to take time out for myself – what  waste of time I would think. If it wasn’t productive, I didn’t do it. Then I stopped and looked at myself. I had been scurrying for so long I had forgotten what I liked to do, what my favourite meal was, how to dress nicely when not at work, how to simply have fun for no reason, I was constantly tired and worried and anxious… does this sound familiar?

What are the signs of a burnout?


An obvious one. Even though you’ve had 6+ hours sleep. You become chronically fatigued even if you have a lie-in or two lie-ins because your body is saturated with free radicals and toxins caused by stress. Your body is unable to let the energy flow freely or the nutrients to be digested properly because your system is on constant ALERT mode.

wellness harrogate

Short attention span

You are struggling to concentrate on your work. Your mind flits constantly and is easily distracted. Could be too much caffeine or the hangover, but your fatigued mind needs a proper rest – that does not include flicking through social media for an hour!


Are you constantly pushing yourself to do, do, do because you haven’t achieved what you wanted in life and think that working hard is the answer?

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Emotionally exhausted

Are you feeling empty. Do you feel sad or even depressed? Are you short-tempered when you don’t mean to be. You are drained. Are you retreating into your turtle shell. Can’t face the world?

Low self-esteem

Putting others first. Don’t do nice things for yourself because you don’t think you deserve them. Constantly saying negative things to yourself. You are literally dragging yourself down.

What to do to avoid a crash and burn

Give yourself some love

You need to start respecting yourself and give yourself a break. Recognise your accomplishments. Work smart not hard.

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Try meditation, yoga, breathing classes – release the stress that is clogging up your body. Let it out through exercise, cut back the hours you work, stop, you will be more productive and less stressed!

Me time – chillax

animal cat face close up felineIt may sound obvious but try to cut back on work relax on a regular basis. Your mind and body need to refuel.

Keep a diary of how you are feeling so you can monitor if you are feeling more in charge of yourself again or if you are still experiencing fatigue and anxiety – then it’s time to get some therapy from a professional. It is worth it, because you are worth it.

Create positive daily rituals

A nice slow wake-up before the chaos of the day. If you are not so tired you can get up a little earlier, fit in a little stretch, 10 minutes quirt time to get your head sorted (or stroke the cat or dog), a yummy breakfast, long shower, wear something nice.

Take a walk at lunch, meet up with friends instead of working late, have a nice bath or go for a foot massage. Say nice things to yourself. Create an easy achievement list and a wish list of some treats you can do just because you want to! Repeat 3-5 positive affirmations (things you are grateful for and positive things about yourself) when you get up and before going to sleep. Try aromatherapy with a burner in your room or crystal healing grids… get creative!

Act now before it is too late

Don’t ignore your tired state, it will not simply go away. If you leave it too late your fatigued and over-stressed body will develop other ailments and long-lasting problem or damage. A holiday cannot sort this out, it will simply be a time for your body to let the illnesses in instead of a time to be enjoyed. You need a little holiday time everyday. You need to get the work life balance right. Instate the law of Kintalini into your personal life. Get your chi flowing and develop a more positive attitude about yourself. You don’t have to be perfect. Being happy is much better and more satisfying!




Singing the Praises of Music

We should all take a moment to remember how elated and alive we felt when we last sang or danced. Music plays a vital role in wellbeing, especially mental wellbeing. As Armstrong so eloquently put it in his poem on “The Art of Preserving Health, 1774”:

“There is a charm: a power that sways the breast
Bids every passion, revel or be still,
Inspires with rage or all your cares dissolves,
Can sooth distraction and almost despair –
That power is music
Music exalts each joy, allays each grief,
Expels disease, softens every pain,
Subdues rage or poison or plague.”

At the Health and Healing Festival, I had the privilege of hearing the ladies from Harrogate Rock Choir; they certainly manage to drown out and dispel any thoughts of sadness or negativity, with great choreography and uplifting songs, they will not leave you in anything but a happy state –

Whether you listen to it, sing, play an instrument or even dance to it, music is such a transporter of emotions. Even if you listen to the sad songs it can make you feel better about yourself in a poetic romantic way. You can still find your inner peace with an emotive piece from Bach or one of Adele’s many songs of rejection.

Just see how happy this one lady in the choir is… you can’t take your eyes off her, her joy is mesmerizing and contagious.

Music gives you a surge, like a electric shock to your emotions, its effects get right in there. You have no defence barriers. You don’t want any either, just flow with the emotions of the music. It will change your state of mind. Playing an instrument or singing is an even stronger medium for transporting your emotions as you are physically involved. Releasing your grief through singing (or shouting!) is very “medicinal”. In meditation the vibrations of our vocal actions on our organs have been found to be extremely beneficial and can qualm a lot of anguish and give us relief.

Check out the Rock Choir’s events near you and maybe even join! Or for more ways to be happy and put a skip back in your step, check out my step-by-step guide on how to put a skip back into your step:

A great book for feeling good about yourself and life
How to be Happy by Francesca Hepton

Singing brings out the BEST in us:


It can also push us to discover and release our full potential – achieve what we always and so for only dreamed of achieving. Let music be a part of your life and see what positive transformations it can bring into your life and mindset:

How to Get Fit with Reiki & Music
More than just a fitness guide, it’s a way of life

Release your inner champion and child with music!


Floral Town of the North

Our streets are paved with petals.

Standing barefoot on the grass in the middle of the stray in the spring surrounded by a sea of crocuses, you are swept away on a breeze ease, freedom and vitality. Against the backdrop of Georgian buildings, you always feel lucky to live in a town like Harrogate. Its amazing floral arrangement are the perfect example of kintalini in action: creating a balanced, vibrant habitat that feed the mind and soul. Such picturesque surroundings are not haphazard, they are the result of careful deliberations and voluntary work to making our town a beautiful place to live in. Many local groups and shop owners work with Harrogate in Bloom and Harrogate Borough Council to make this possible.

A sea of crocuses on the Stray
A sea of crocuses on the Stray Park in Harrogate

Harrogate Borough Council does not just predicate wellness through a balanced habitat, its actions reflect this in many ways: great schools, tidy town, lots of green areas, clean buildings…. but one of the most obvious and visual ways is its support for the Harrogate in Bloom project.

Many of you may well be aware of the In Bloom competitions around the country. They improve our surrounding aesthetics, give people a sense of wellbeing and increase biodiversity, but its more than just pretty flowers.

It is more than just pretty flowers

The In Bloom criteria are looking for responsibility towards the environment and community participation – two boxes that Harrogate’s team ticks. RHS Britain in Bloom judges stated: ‘Harrogate demonstrated that it is still a flawless green town and now works closely with a range of volunteers to ensure that it’s reputation is maintained.’

harrogate flowers
Flowers everywhere you go

The council’s parks and open spaces staff, and Harrogate in Bloom, have worked with award-winning garden designer Paul Hervey-Brookes, to design and plant areas in public places that will increase biodiversity and create improved habitats for wildlife. The Nectar Bar planting is particularly attractive to bees and other pollinating insects, including moths.

Living in harmony is the key to wellness.

Let’s get together

Sofar Sounds is a growing movement across the world that Harrogate is now embracing. Just further proof of our town’s open-minded and creative nature.

sofar sounds
Intimate music gigs in Harrogate organised through Sofar Sounds

Sofar Sounds invites you to attend music gigs in everyday spaces – like a living room, rooftop, back garden, pub or retail shop. The venue is transformed into a glamorous sparkling setting but circumvents greedy business conglomerates while promoting fresh talent you’d otherwise never get to hear. Each Sofar Sounds gig is small, and typically features three diverse acts, with no headliner.

Check out their website for how it works and enjoy these exclusive, convenient and amazing venues. Sofar spreads the magic of music and all that it can offer to our health and well-being as a driver of relaxation, inspiration and enjoyment.

Join the action yourself! Get relaxed, get balanced, get entertained.

sofar sounds
Some of the gigs sofar!

Surrounded by nature

We are lucky to have the Stray and Valley Gardens, and to have the added bonus of woodlands and meadows just 5 minutes away makes us downright lucky!

Release your inner woodland fairy
Release your inner woodland fairy


It is essential for your inner harmony to keep in touch with nature, to stay grounded and fueled by the beauty it offers away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.