It's Time, Write Now

Sign up for your free book planning course. This video course helps to guide you out of murky waters of writing a book and give you a goal to work towards every step of the way. It is a powerful way to find your audience, finish your book with ease and formulate the best marketing plan possible.

As you are cocooned at home for a while, I am sure you have thought about writing that book you always intended publishing. You are so awesome and proactive, you have probably even started writing a plan for it and managed chapter 1. But just in case you haven’t…

Start writing your book today
Write Your Story

If you are still procrastinating over how to get started, ask yourself why.

  • Could it be that you are placing too much importance on the outcome?
  • Are you expecting your book to be amazing?
  • Are expecting your work to give you something in return that will be out of this world?
  • Do you just not know where to start?

If so, you are most likely scared of starting because you feel that you cannot deliver these results. I have a FREE video course you can follow to get your roadmap written up in next to no time:

free step-by-step video course to writing your book

Simply enter the code FREE_BOOK_PROPOSAL and let me guide you through the thorny path of procrastination. Down your roadmap to a clear and engaging book lies a whole world of satisfaction and achievement!

You have no excuses now – write your book

A step-by-step guide to planning and writing your book with ease

The course provides you with a step-by-step guide to writing your book plan, whether you are going to self-publish or traditionally publish, write fiction or non-fiction. It even helps you to plan and write an effective blog or article!

For the power, glory or cash?

If the sense of achievement and personal glory is not enough to motivate you to pick up your pen or start tapping away on those keys, how about hard cash?

Step-by-step guide to writing a book

Writing a book will seriously enhance your credibility in your field of work and expertise. If you write about your experiences, share your knowledge and provide value to your readers, you will become the go-to person in your area of knowledge. This will open up new opportunities, quash any feelings of resistance from peers and clients and firmly establish you in your rightful position as the reliable professional you are.

Sign up, write now

Many time disasters can provide us with fresh starts. By putting this surreal and certainly worrying time to a positive, constructive use, it won’t all go to waste, it won’t all be doom and gloom. I have given you the free tools and a proven, easy system to follow, plus a motivating reminder of something you have been putting off doing, now it’s up to you. Don’t worry about perfect, or who will like it, just get started.


Your Writing Mentor

Areas of Focus:

I work with writers on all aspects of their writing lives, from self care and organisational skills to formatting and marketing their titles. I also provide initial for feedback on full manuscripts, offer services for creating self-published manuscripts and tailored plans from the proposal to the final blurb in your media kit.

Here are a few examples of the areas where I can help as part of a coaching/mentoring programme:

  • Self care routines to boost your creativity and productivity
  • Organisational structures and accountability to keep the momentum
  • Feedback on your work-in-progress
  • Inspiration and motivation
  • Creative blocks and the creative process
  • Prioritisation of projects and time management
  • Business and marketing skills including web and social media
  • Advice on submissions and agents/publishers
  • Confidence in yourself
  • The routes to market
  • Professionalism as a writer
  • How to avoid overwhelm

Most of my clients are serious about their writing work and looking for a coach to support them in an ongoing dialogue about their writing life. I prefer to work with you for a fixed period of time from 3 months to a full year. My aim is to assist you in finding clarity in the way you approach your work. I am here to ensure you reach your writing goals with the most amount of pleasure and ease possible.

Writing Mentor - Francesca Hepton

Option 1 (£40/month)

This mentoring option extends over a 3-month or 6-month or 12-month period and includes:

  • Two one hour telephone consultation sessions per month or one two hour in-person session per month (within Harrogate)
  • Full, regular personal email support between sessions
  • Membership of my clients-only Facebook group – weekly Q&A
  • A list of action points after each session
  • Fortnightly target reviews

Option 2 (£1,800)

The ongoing features of this option are valid for 12 months, the package features (ie one-offs such as ISBN) are included:

  • Two one hour telephone consultation sessions per month or one 2-hour in-person session per month (within Harrogate)
  • Full, regular personal email support between sessions
  • Membership of my clients-only Facebook group – weekly Q&A
  • A list of action points after each session
  • Fortnightly target reviews
  • ISBN number
  • Editing, submission package
  • Formatted interior for kdp and Ingram Sparks (ebook and paperback)
  • Beta readers
  • Design of front cover including all future art requirements e.g. SM

The Importance of Finding Clarity

Being clear about what you want is the basis for all your plans. When you do what you love instead of what you think you should do, you do it differently AND with bigger impact! This self-study course only takes 10 minutes a day and costs less than a meal for 2. Can you afford to miss out on your dreams?



When you find clarity you know what you want. You can set clear goals and create more impact.

“. . . empirical research has repeatedly shown that striving toward self-concordant goals strengthens the link between goal progress and well-being”
Bettina Wiese, University of Zurich

When you are following your dreams, not only are you happier, you are more motivated and ultimately more successful. Finding Clarity is a FUN online resource designed to help you gain momentum and results in your business and/or personal life.

Sometimes we have to slow down to speed up. DOWNLOAD the free Progress Planner here.

How will slowing down and becoming more self-aware even help? That’s the question I asked myself when I first received this advice.

Does that mean stop taking clients or stop putting myself out there? Does it mean physically doing things slower? Should I throw out my business plan!?

It can be confusing I know! But in reality it is simple. We tend to overcomplicate and over think.

online study course to finding clarity - When you do what you love instead of what you think you should do, you do it differently AND with bigger impact!

Slowing Down to Find Clarity entails a few things …

1. Pause and take time to get clear on what you are feeling. Increase your own emotional IQ. Get in touch with yourself again.

2. Now you can lay the foundations around your true vision and goals for a future that resonates with you.

3. With your true goals you know where you are headed and why. Create a new plan. If you think just doing the same old things is going to work in the future, think again! When you do what you love instead of what you think you should do, you do it differently AND with bigger impact!

4. Plus, take note on what method is getting you the most conversions. What activity is producing 80% of your results?

I’m always here for you if you have any questions.

Writing Mentor - Francesca Hepton

Imagine how your life, business and relationships could change if you allowed yourself to slow down, getting clear on your goals and consciously create what you are WORTHY of receiving.

Download your FREE Finding Clarity – Progress Planner and see how on/off track you are with your dreams.

Download your FREE Finding Clarity - Progress Planner and see how on/off track you are with your dreams.

This fun course covers foundational necessities to scaling or starting a business for Personal Brands and Entrepreneurs wanting to make a massive impact. 

How to Find Clarity – Giving you inner peace, helping you feel happier and more in line with yourself. Hush all the crazy chatter and live in alignment with your true nature – an online course that only requires 10 minutes a day – 10 minutes to your dream.

Can you afford not to know what your “why” is?

If you know your passion, everything else is easier. As a result, you can plan, project, set out your goals.

If you don’t know what your true passion or what makes you happy is, then you will drift aimlessly. Nothing will satisfy you. Projects will be completed half-heartedly at half quality.

Enrol for the price of a dinner for 2! And be happy for the rest of your life!!

Finding Clarity Progress Planner - Discover how on track you are with your true dream.


How to Look Young + Be More Grateful, Grounded + Gorgeous

How to look young – the guide on how to align to your true nature and defy the ageing process

How to look Young and Be More Grateful, Grounded and Gorgeous

Look Younger Live Longer. That’s what we all want.
Here’s an unbelievable magic formula for longevity and looking great: Five Elements Diet + Unblocking + Internal Compass

How to Look Young

This guide walks you through the magic formula as dictated by nature, all you have to do is follow and you can say goodbye to those furrows between your brows and hello to younger looking skin and a healthier body and mind.

Sound too good to be true?

Tried and tested methodology based on hundreds of years of research and practice, this guide pulls on all the powers of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yogic beliefs and practices, Ayurvedic theories and our own natural healing powers.

The magic formula targets the glabella lines between your eyebrows by way of example in the book. It outlines a specific diet, routine and steps for a natural facelift.

The diets and tips specifically target organs and ailments directly affecting certain areas of our face and our posture.

Mindful menus! based on the 5-element doctrine combined with attitude management and stretches and exercises to uplift your posture and appearance.

It’s not a crime to look your best: This regime will boost your self-esteem, improve your overall well-being and increase your productivity.

The Detox Yoga Routine

Click below to listen:

Twist Detox Routine

Want to delve deeper?

I offer lifestyle mentoring programmes to help make you more grateful for what you have and who you are, more grounded in your present self and definitely more gorgeous as you radiate a more natural youthful look. With photos to prove it!

Finding Clarity

Be in alignment with yourself. Reset your internal compass by finding clarity with this self-study course. Getting clear on what you truly want is where it all starts.

Finding clarity - online course
Rudding Park - relax and unwind

Full spa immersion retreat week

A week’s full immersion retreat at the beautiful spa hotel Rudding Park includes:

  • tailored meals from the hotel’s organic garden
  • 2 daily yoga and meditation sessions to ease the stress away
  • full access to the hotel’s spa facilities
  • 4-hour daily mentoring in realigning your internal compass

Leaving you feeling health, happy and looking younger.

The Defining Guide on Releasing Your Inner Power

Are you ready to realize your full potential? You’ve read the book, now it’s time to delve deeper. Listen to the free audio routines and sign up for a masterclass of one-to-one training – release your inner power today.

You’ve read the book, now you can continue and deepen the experience with assisted audio routines and workshops

A good fitness guide makes you want to workout. A great fitness guide gives you no choice but to workout.

You’ve learned that this book is more than just a fitness guide. This is a way of life. A way to build your inner power in a lasting way. You will be coming back to it again and again on your journey to fitness and motivation. The secrets it provides you to excel in the area of fitness form just one aspect. It is also profoundly informative on the subjects of health and personal happiness.

Here is the daily 10-minute routine that will change the way you approach life forever (click image for audio):

Audio of guided energy exercises
Guided energy exercises

If you would like to go for optimum results as explained in the book, I recommend balancing out your system before starting the 10-minute daily energy exercise routines. This gives you the best chance for success. When you self-heal with Reiki, it can be quite a tiring experience to begin with as you are detoxing your mind and body. When you remove the negative energy it has to flow somewhere, you may therefore find yourself crying a lot during your first session – or you may find yourself sleeping a lot more. I would therefore recommend that you chose the most “unhectic” time in your year to start this process, i.e. not when you are about to go on summer holiday with the family and not at Christmas.

Self-treatment audio for rebalancing your energy (click on image to listen):

Reiki self-treatment routine for restoring the balance within
Assisted self-healing guide

Guaranteed focus and success

“How to Get Fit with Reiki and Music” provides motivational combination to give your training and fitness regime guaranteed focus and success.  Aside from providing you with a balanced, focused and motivated mindset, the symbiosis of Reiki and music gives you that extra push. The force from within you never thought you had.

How to Get Fit with Reiki and Music presents a revolutionary approach to exercise that will keep you motivated for good.

Energy Work

Through your Energy Work/Reiki you will master the discipline of self-control promoting the awareness of your own potential and usage of energy. It not only helps to build up bodily reserves of strength and resistance, and to control and cure disorders, but also has the ability to promote vitality, rejuvenate the body and stimulate intelligence.

  • Grounding
  • Centering
  • Energizing

Ancient methods in modern times

Based on the principles of Tendai Buddhism and Taoism for meditation and internal energy cultivation, Reiki was initially taught as an aid in self-healing. As such it can help in strengthening the body, harmonizing your emotions and calming your mind.  The purpose of the daily energy exercises is to activate, circulate, ground and channel energy also known as qi.  Qi is the energy inherent in all things. When practiced every day for just 10 minutes, Reiki can become a powerful tool for transformation and self cultivation. Many people who practice Reiki have reported remarkable changes in their overall health and energy levels as well as improved self-esteem and emotional outlook. Reiki is simple and easy to learn and can be practiced anywhere as it requires no equipment and just enough space to sit down in.

Energy Exercises Guide - a 10-minute routine to double your energy reserves, give you focus and help you find calm. With step-by-step instructions and illustrations.

Every workout is a breakthrough

Whether you are going through a physiotherapy program, training for a marathon or event or striving to improve your health and physique, this ingenious combination will help you get rid of bad habits, break behavioral patterns leading to lethargy and failure, and spur you on to set new benchmarks in your physical abilities. Through a few easy-to-learn techniques, this guide will give you the drive to get up a challenging hill. This hill can be both physical and psychological. This facilitating combo will support you from the start when you are defining your goals and planning out your schedule, right through to staying motivated.

The power of music

“There is a charm: a power that sways the breast Bids every passion, revel or be still, Inspires with rage or all your cares dissolves, Can sooth distraction and almost despair – That power is music”. – Armstrong, 1774

There is no denying the motivational power of music

  • Transporter of emotions
  • Fuel to your soul
  • Inspiration for dreams

I will be compiling a list of music suitable for jogging and aerobic exercises. When the click here button is live it means the list is available, otherwise I am still putting it together so feel free to contact me in the meantime.

All the hard work has been done for you.

All you have to do is get changed and turn the music up!

Through the symbiosis of Reiki and music, you will find that magic “kick” to propel you around the track or keep you pedaling up the hill. You will be able to dig deep down inside you to your “center of energy” as you disassociate from the physical limitations of your body and soar to mind-blowing lengths.


“An awesome, inspiring book and fab idea to combine the 2 tools of reiki and music to achieve what you want.” – Martha

“I just wanted to write to say how enlightening your guide has been. I have found it really easy to follow and beautifully explained and though it was written as a guide to getting fit I have found so much wisdom in your chapter on vibrations, wisdom that has really resonated with me in my particular situation with my 14 year marriage to a negatively charged selfish man. Thank you!” – Stacey

“The book is exactly right for helping people through life crises. The Reiki really helps you to focus. I thought I had a lot of  willpower, I recently completed a 5k run for charity, but then I seemed to lose my drive. I found this guide at just the right time. Everything is so much easier now.” – Alex

Available as paperback, Kindle and audio book

How to get fit with reiki and music - ultimate motivation guide

Are you ready to realise your potential? Try the 10-minute routine it will help you work harder for longer and improve your life.

free energy guide optin


Naturally the best way to get to grips with and reap the full benefits of any new routine or system is to have a mentor. That is why I run masterclasses and one-on-one sessions for anyone who wants to master the power of Reiki with music to realise their full potential.

Full immersion Reiki & Music Combo Retreat: 1 week £5,500

  • Full training in the art of Reiki
  • Guided one-to-one rebalancing sessions
  • Space and time to recover from your “healing crisis” to emerge with focus and more energised.
  • Daily training exercise programme tailored to suite your needs.
  • Full board and accommodation at hotel on the island of Hawaii Takata Sensei’s clinic was located in HiloHawaii
  • Tailored plan for lifestyle and fitness regime

1-to-1 Reiki & Music Coaching & Mentoring

  • Full training in the art of Reiki with Reiki Master
  • Guided one-to-one rebalancing sessions for as long as you need
  • Space and time to recover from your “healing crisis” to emerge with focus and more energised.
  • Daily training exercise programme tailored to suite your needs.
  • Tailored plan for lifestyle and fitness regime

Yogitivity© – Boost Your Creativity

Feeling blocked? Not aligned with yourself? Can’t write? Join our inspirational Yogitivity Workshops at the beautiful Well House Yoga Space, Harrogate where we explore using yoga to improve creativity.

Embracing the benefits of yoga to boost your creativity as a writer. Join one of our Yogitivity Workshops using yoga to improve your creativity as a writer.

Yogitivity© Workshop Content

Welcoming Circle – Introductions and how to open up your creative flow Yoga flow – to warm up our bodies and mind, allowing our energy to flow Guided imagery meditation

Guided Woodland Walk

A talk about the use of yoga as a writer – Using a yoga pose as a writing prompt – Exploring the creative power of oils Dear Me – A letter of self care

The importance of being aligned with yourself

Letting our natural creative flow dry up can even make us sick, because we do not live in harmony with our true nature. “Musicians have to make music, artists have to paint, poets have to write if they want to live in peace with themselves,” said Abraham Maslow, the founding father of humanistic psychology.

Get in touch with your creative source

Each and every one of us already has everything it takes to be creative. The only question is: how do we access our creative source? How can we tap into and find the artist in us? This is where Yoga can help us.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you at work.”

What is creativity? The workshop explores:

Would you consider yourself to be creative? Do you know creative people? Standard “creatives”: painters, sculptors, designers, dancers, composers

Everyday or maverick “creatives”: your child lying about homework, how you organise your shopping, your thought process for challenges, entrepreneurs – all working outside the normal parameters

Creativity driven by necessity – Prompted by extremes/external influences/change/drugs

Is creativity “on tap” possible?

  • Guided imagery sequences
  • Nurturing your physical state
  • Moving outside your comfort zone
  • The human juicer
  • Using yoga

Yoga as well as creativity is about getting moving, facing up to your self-doubts silencing those harsh judgments from teachers. Just start with a deep breath or a few words to mark an empty page, the rest will follow by itself. One thing leads to another and we get into the flow.

Yogitivity© – embracing the benefits of yoga to boost your creativity as a writer. Feel free to join one of our Yogitivity Workshops (held in the glorious grounds of Well House Yoga Space) using yoga to improve your creativity as a writer.

Sign up for your online Yogitivity course to release your inner creative. Or join our workshop on the 28th of June 2019, 10am – 2pm, just £40:


Carefully selected yoga poses, breathing sequences and flows incorporated into a work day can open up your channels of energy and boost your focus.

Use this clever combination of the pomodoro technique and yoga - Yogitivity (yoga for increased productivity and creativity) is based on stretching routines at regular intervals to keep you alert and energised. Designed to get the oxygen and blood pumping and to keep your posture right; not only will you write some of your best stuff and get it done on time, you'll also feel better and not fall victim of the usual back or neck ache.



Carefully selected yoga poses, breathing sequences and flows incorporated into a work day can open up your channels of energy and boost your focus. This ingenious idea consisting of 5, 10 or 20-minute flows/stretches every 40 to 50-minutes, not only help you to stay fresh at work, they also improve your posture and keep your attitude positive. Yogitivity for increased productivity – all routines are tailored to suit your specific needs whether you are a freelancer, office worker or long-distance lorry driver. Since we can’t beat the system and some of us are stuck in an 8-hour day, we can still look after our health whilst performing at our best.

Various routines for all-week writing marathons, everyday core routines, butt-busting routines, Yogitivity for creativity… A routine for increased productivity tailored to your needs.


Sitting all day at your desk, at the wheel or in your cubicle? Legs throbbing, head pounding and back killing? More than half of the population in our modern “civilised” society is spending over 40 hours a week in the same position – this could also be standing – and it is far from natural or “civilised” for that matter.

Working 8 hours a day is a strange concept dating back to the industrial revolution when workers needed to be protected from the slave-labour hours of the factory owners. Unions pushed for the authorities to limit their hours, but why are we still sticking to this out-dated formula?


before yogitivity cycle

Thankfully the digital millenials are going out and freelancing it. They have cracked open the shackles of officedom proving that work can be achieved reliably and to a high quality anywhere – well, those with a good work ethic. Let’s face it, if you have no work ethic, you are still going to be a lazy bum in an office or factory!!

Back to the problem of long hours and lack of movement that still plague employees and entrepreneurs. How do you keep going without damaging your mental or physical health? How do you keep going day after day without producing inferior work or losing your momentum?


A lot of people have now incorporated meditation into their work routine. Establishments have set up meditation rooms for group sessions. This “break” away is extremely beneficial to refocus and recharge the brain. Yogitivity© works along similar lines taking the solution a step or two further.


with yogitivity cycle
Yogitivity© incorporates 10, 15 or 20-minute breaks into your work schedule at 20, 30 and 40-minute intervals. Nothing revolutionary about that you might say. No, in fact it is essential that you do take breaks. Some of us seem to be break-averse and simply run ourselves into the ground. Yogitivity© e-course for writers will convert you.

Once you try out the Yogitivity© breaks, you will become addicted to the energy they bring and the higher levels of productivity they yield in your work. The secret: the poses chosen release the energy you need at a specific time.

Identify your energy peaks and energy troughs.

Most people tend to drain and flag at around 2 or 3 o’clock or after lunch and be most productive in the morning. Others find their best time is in the small hours of the morning. We’re all different. That is why the old archaic system of an 8-hour day is defunct now.


routines for writers, freelancers, office workers…..
core routines designed around energy peaks at 9 am and 10 am and lows/energy troughs at 2 pm or 3 pm
special sequences tailored to your own individual needs.
the all-nighter/all-dayer where you have to get through a tough project, want to finish writing a book or thesis or report
The Butt-Buster! A 5-day work marathon.


  • maximise and utilise our peaks of energy and learn to work through and attenuate our troughs, our lows
  • each of the sequences is been specially choreographed to suit the specific time of day and the cycle for your body
  • Yogitivity© will also improve your posture
  • balance
  • sense of wellbeing.

Once you have mastered the ability to take breaks, to increase your productivity and remain more relaxed, energised, focused and reposed, you can then try the next step which is “Yogitivity© for Increased Creativity”!

If you can’t wait for the launch of the course please contact me: