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book proposal course

As you are cocooned at home for a while, I am sure you have thought about writing that book you always intended publishing. You are so awesome and proactive, you have probably even started writing a plan for it and managed chapter 1. But just in case you haven’t…

Start writing your book today
Write Your Story

If you are still procrastinating over how to get started, ask yourself why.

  • Could it be that you are placing too much importance on the outcome?
  • Are you expecting your book to be amazing?
  • Are expecting your work to give you something in return that will be out of this world?
  • Do you just not know where to start?

If so, you are most likely scared of starting because you feel that you cannot deliver these results. I have a FREE video course you can follow to get your roadmap written up in next to no time:

free step-by-step video course to writing your book

Simply enter the code FREE_BOOK_PROPOSAL and let me guide you through the thorny path of procrastination. Down your roadmap to a clear and engaging book lies a whole world of satisfaction and achievement!

You have no excuses now – write your book

A step-by-step guide to planning and writing your book with ease

The course provides you with a step-by-step guide to writing your book plan, whether you are going to self-publish or traditionally publish, write fiction or non-fiction. It even helps you to plan and write an effective blog or article!

For the power, glory or cash?

If the sense of achievement and personal glory is not enough to motivate you to pick up your pen or start tapping away on those keys, how about hard cash?

Step-by-step guide to writing a book

Writing a book will seriously enhance your credibility in your field of work and expertise. If you write about your experiences, share your knowledge and provide value to your readers, you will become the go-to person in your area of knowledge. This will open up new opportunities, quash any feelings of resistance from peers and clients and firmly establish you in your rightful position as the reliable professional you are.

Sign up, write now

Many time disasters can provide us with fresh starts. By putting this surreal and certainly worrying time to a positive, constructive use, it won’t all go to waste, it won’t all be doom and gloom. I have given you the free tools and a proven, easy system to follow, plus a motivating reminder of something you have been putting off doing, now it’s up to you. Don’t worry about perfect, or who will like it, just get started.


writers are natural self-isolators

Writers are naturally gifted in the act of self-isolating. We hide away from bright lights and crowds in favour of dimly lit rooms with the company of a furry friend. But now in times of great challenges, our superpowers are needed.

writers are natural self-isolators
Writers enjoy their own company

I call on all writers to use their talent as alchemists of words to send out inspiring messages to the newly cocooned self-isolators, the people who normally function in full daylight and thrive off the company of others. They will need all the moral support they can get as they face the same four walls for 14 days to potentially eternity.

Just because behaving like hermits comes naturally to us, the current outbreak and upheaval to life as we know it will put a strain on a lot of families and couples. Support them through your pearls of wisdom on instagram like never before, or even pull your finger out and get your book published on amazon to brighten up someone’s day. Or write an inspiring article on that blog site you are ignoring and leaving to fester with the spiders and virtual dust-bytes!

You could even share your insights with friends and loved ones helping them get through the day in their own company. Some of them may not have spent a lot of time with themselves recently. Show them the way. Be their guide to self-love or at least self-tolerance. Show them a nice place to walk, a fun book to read or delicious recipes to get lost in. Best of all, share tips on self-care. As a follower on my site you will not fall short on this topic.

I have not always been a pro at self-care. It took a lot of time to fully understand the effects of stress and burnout when working from home. It’s not all kittens and cushions. There are a lot of temptations, distractions and tasty stuff in the fridge… Not to mention my own personal achilles heel of not breaking off from work, not switching into “home time” mode – what for, you’ve been at home all day?!

If you’re stuck remember the three top self-care tips for deskbound writers and now the multitude of extra homeworkers:

importance of staying hydrated
  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Keep moving
  3. Take breaks

Until then, all you new remote workers, look to the writers, the pro self-isolators for inspiration and guidance. Use this time as an opportunity for inner reflection, growth and time to develop new skills. Periods of hardship often provide us with fertile soil for renewal and enlightenment that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Find clarity. Enjoy some rest.

online study course to finding clarity - When you do what you love instead of what you think you should do, you do it differently AND with bigger impact!
Learning how to rediscover your dream and be happier.

Hi I hope you are feeling great. I’m going to share some insights and practical tips on how to realise your dreams and be happier by doing just ONE thing.

Learning how to rediscover your dream and be happier.

A lot of people know what their dream is. For some us the answer is not so clear. No need to beat yourself up about this though. In fact, what I have realised is that our dreams are often more about “rediscovering” our dreams and not actually “discovering” our dreams. Let me explain:

It was a lot easier when we were younger

A lot of us forget what our dreams are. What do I mean? Well, when you talk to children, they know exactly what their dreams are. They know exactly what they want to be when they grow up. Put this theory to the test. Ask the next child you meet under the age of 10 what they want to do in their lives and sure enough they will have an answer on the tip of their tongue.

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you were little?

By contrast when you ask an adult, they are not so sure, or they sigh because they feel life has passed them by or even worse they think it’s a pointless question. Well it’s not. And as adults we forget what our childhood dreams are. We feel we need to go out and search for our dream or that it will somehow find us. In reality all we need to do is stop a while and listen to ourselves to find that inner clarity again.

Finding Clarity Progress Planner - Discover how on track you are with your true dream.

When we get in touch with our hearts again, things start to fall in place. It’s amazing how everything starts to click. This is the first step to be happier. Unfortunately a lot of dreams are still inside people’s hearts. They are not living them on the outside. Instead they are working 9 to 5, wasting their lives for someone else’s dream.

That was me too. For a lot of years I detached myself from my dreams, from my heart. I wanted to be a dancer and I ended up working as a Sales Manager in an office without windows. Back then I was going to work in the dark and getting the bus back home in a strange town on my own, in the dark. I remember thinking to myself: “Is this what I studied so hard for all those years so I could be alone in the dark feeling tired all the time?” It’s crazy! Why did my parents and everyone else seem to think this was the right thing to do? And why does society encourage children to do this?

Is ignoring our heart, desires and dreams simply easier?

Because our dreams can bring pleasure, they will by default also bring worry or fear of failure. When we follow our path and go our own way, we leave ourselves and our heart open to the “elements”. So perhaps it is easier to follow a path with less emotion. Maybe we feel safer ignoring our heart when we no longer have endless courage like we did as children. We accumulate fear as we get older. This fear stops us from living our dream. We collect the toxic barnacles of society and criticism and these weigh us down, leaving us unable to move, preferring to remain cocooned in a 9 to 5 job.

Why did I say that it is worse when people think asking what your dreams are is a pointless question? Because those people have an added layer of barnacles. The layer of cynicism. Being cynical provides them with a protective barrier to opening up and laying their hearts bare. They are scared of imagining what it would be like to realise their true desires. Being exposed like that, being vulnerable makes them prone to a failure they are not willing to face, so they don’t even try.

Instead they pick a predictable life. They choose a path that is safer without the fear of failure and pain. But when you choose a path that is not your own to ignore this fear and pain, you are also shutting down to feeling alive. You are living a half-life. This path will bring other pain such as depression and self-loathing.

What can I do to change this?

You might feel like I did 3 years ago: burnt out. I didn’t have the energy any more, I’d burnt out doing work for 10 hours a day in someone else’s office or company. I had nothing left to give. Because when I stopped following my dreams, I stopped living. I stopped being me. And it’s hard to get that back. In fact, you might feel that it’s impossible. It took me a while with some setbacks too, living on the breadline, but I refused to go back to the rat race or hamster wheel – sorry for all the rodent metaphors!

You have to remember your dream. Start listening to yourself again.

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

Marshal Ferdinand Foch (1851-1929)

When you are doing what you truly want, you can find the excitement and joy again. Then the money doesn’t matter anymore. Besides, you never have enough anyway. You always need or want more. So don’t let that stop you getting back in touch with your dream. Realising your dream could be extremely powerful – not just for you, but for your family, friends and community.

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up everyday knowing you are going to do what you love!?

The one thing you need to do to be happier is to follow your dream

“. . . empirical research has repeatedly shown that striving toward self-concordant goals strengthens the link between goal progress and well-being”

Bettina Wiese, University of Zurich

Get reconnected with your head and heart. Follow the practical tips in this free download and then sign up for the online course. Finding Clarity provides you with an easy strategy to increase your self-awareness and get you back on track where you are supposed to be.

Finding Clarity Progress Planner - Discover how on track you are with your true dream.

Get out of the shadow of doubt and walk in the valley of life. You deserve to be happier. As the expert so eloquently puts it:

“… the successful pursuit of meaningful goals plays an important role in the development and maintenance of our psychological well-being. To the extent that when we’re making progress on our goals, we’re happier emotionally and more satisfied with our lives.”

Timothy A. Pychyl Ph.D.

Don’t delay, register now and rediscover your true dream. YES PLEASE!

When you find clarity you know what you want. You can set clear goals and create more impact.
Writing Mentor - Francesca Hepton

Areas of Focus:

I work with writers on all aspects of their writing lives, from self care and organisational skills to formatting and marketing their titles. I also provide initial for feedback on full manuscripts, offer services for creating self-published manuscripts and tailored plans from the proposal to the final blurb in your media kit.

Here are a few examples of the areas where I can help as part of a coaching/mentoring programme:

  • Self care routines to boost your creativity and productivity
  • Organisational structures and accountability to keep the momentum
  • Feedback on your work-in-progress
  • Inspiration and motivation
  • Creative blocks and the creative process
  • Prioritisation of projects and time management
  • Business and marketing skills including web and social media
  • Advice on submissions and agents/publishers
  • Confidence in yourself
  • The routes to market
  • Professionalism as a writer
  • How to avoid overwhelm

Most of my clients are serious about their writing work and looking for a coach to support them in an ongoing dialogue about their writing life. I prefer to work with you for a fixed period of time from 3 months to a full year. My aim is to assist you in finding clarity in the way you approach your work. I am here to ensure you reach your writing goals with the most amount of pleasure and ease possible.

Writing Mentor - Francesca Hepton

Option 1 (£40/month)

This mentoring option extends over a 3-month or 6-month or 12-month period and includes:

  • Two one hour telephone consultation sessions per month or one two hour in-person session per month (within Harrogate)
  • Full, regular personal email support between sessions
  • Membership of my clients-only Facebook group – weekly Q&A
  • A list of action points after each session
  • Fortnightly target reviews

Option 2 (£1,800)

The ongoing features of this option are valid for 12 months, the package features (ie one-offs such as ISBN) are included:

  • Two one hour telephone consultation sessions per month or one 2-hour in-person session per month (within Harrogate)
  • Full, regular personal email support between sessions
  • Membership of my clients-only Facebook group – weekly Q&A
  • A list of action points after each session
  • Fortnightly target reviews
  • ISBN number
  • Editing, submission package
  • Formatted interior for kdp and Ingram Sparks (ebook and paperback)
  • Beta readers
  • Design of front cover including all future art requirements e.g. SM
When you find clarity you know what you want. You can set clear goals and create more impact.



When you find clarity you know what you want. You can set clear goals and create more impact.

“. . . empirical research has repeatedly shown that striving toward self-concordant goals strengthens the link between goal progress and well-being”
Bettina Wiese, University of Zurich

When you are following your dreams, not only are you happier, you are more motivated and ultimately more successful. Finding Clarity is a FUN online resource designed to help you gain momentum and results in your business and/or personal life.

Sometimes we have to slow down to speed up. DOWNLOAD the free Progress Planner here.

How will slowing down and becoming more self-aware even help? That’s the question I asked myself when I first received this advice.

Does that mean stop taking clients or stop putting myself out there? Does it mean physically doing things slower? Should I throw out my business plan!?

It can be confusing I know! But in reality it is simple. We tend to overcomplicate and over think.

online study course to finding clarity - When you do what you love instead of what you think you should do, you do it differently AND with bigger impact!

Slowing Down to Find Clarity entails a few things …

1. Pause and take time to get clear on what you are feeling. Increase your own emotional IQ. Get in touch with yourself again.

2. Now you can lay the foundations around your true vision and goals for a future that resonates with you.

3. With your true goals you know where you are headed and why. Create a new plan. If you think just doing the same old things is going to work in the future, think again! When you do what you love instead of what you think you should do, you do it differently AND with bigger impact!

4. Plus, take note on what method is getting you the most conversions. What activity is producing 80% of your results?

I’m always here for you if you have any questions.

Writing Mentor - Francesca Hepton

Imagine how your life, business and relationships could change if you allowed yourself to slow down, getting clear on your goals and consciously create what you are WORTHY of receiving.

Download your FREE Finding Clarity – Progress Planner and see how on/off track you are with your dreams.

Download your FREE Finding Clarity - Progress Planner and see how on/off track you are with your dreams.

This fun course covers foundational necessities to scaling or starting a business for Personal Brands and Entrepreneurs wanting to make a massive impact. 

How to Find Clarity – Giving you inner peace, helping you feel happier and more in line with yourself. Hush all the crazy chatter and live in alignment with your true nature – an online course that only requires 10 minutes a day – 10 minutes to your dream.

Can you afford not to know what your “why” is?

If you know your passion, everything else is easier. As a result, you can plan, project, set out your goals.

If you don’t know what your true passion or what makes you happy is, then you will drift aimlessly. Nothing will satisfy you. Projects will be completed half-heartedly at half quality.

Enrol for the price of a dinner for 2! And be happy for the rest of your life!!

Finding Clarity Progress Planner - Discover how on track you are with your true dream.


how to look young - the guide on how to align to your true nature and defy the ageing process

How to look Young and Be More Grateful, Grounded and Gorgeous

Look Younger Live Longer. That’s what we all want.
Here’s an unbelievable magic formula for longevity and looking great: Five Elements Diet + Unblocking + Internal Compass

How to Look Young

This guide walks you through the magic formula as dictated by nature, all you have to do is follow and you can say goodbye to those furrows between your brows and hello to younger looking skin and a healthier body and mind.

Sound too good to be true?

Tried and tested methodology based on hundreds of years of research and practice, this guide pulls on all the powers of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yogic beliefs and practices, Ayurvedic theories and our own natural healing powers.

The magic formula targets the glabella lines between your eyebrows by way of example in the book. It outlines a specific diet, routine and steps for a natural facelift.

The diets and tips specifically target organs and ailments directly affecting certain areas of our face and our posture.

Mindful menus! based on the 5-element doctrine combined with attitude management and stretches and exercises to uplift your posture and appearance.

It’s not a crime to look your best: This regime will boost your self-esteem, improve your overall well-being and increase your productivity.

The Detox Yoga Routine

Click below to listen:

Twist Detox Routine

Want to delve deeper?

I offer lifestyle mentoring programmes to help make you more grateful for what you have and who you are, more grounded in your present self and definitely more gorgeous as you radiate a more natural youthful look. With photos to prove it!

Finding Clarity

Be in alignment with yourself. Reset your internal compass by finding clarity with this self-study course. Getting clear on what you truly want is where it all starts.

Finding clarity - online course
Rudding Park - relax and unwind

Full spa immersion retreat week

A week’s full immersion retreat at the beautiful spa hotel Rudding Park includes:

  • tailored meals from the hotel’s organic garden
  • 2 daily yoga and meditation sessions to ease the stress away
  • full access to the hotel’s spa facilities
  • 4-hour daily mentoring in realigning your internal compass

Leaving you feeling health, happy and looking younger.

How to get fit with reiki and music - ultimate motivation guide

You’ve read the book, now you can continue and deepen the experience with assisted audio routines and workshops

A good fitness guide makes you want to workout. A great fitness guide gives you no choice but to workout.

You’ve learned that this book is more than just a fitness guide. This is a way of life. A way to build your inner power in a lasting way. You will be coming back to it again and again on your journey to fitness and motivation. The secrets it provides you to excel in the area of fitness form just one aspect. It is also profoundly informative on the subjects of health and personal happiness.

Here is the daily 10-minute routine that will change the way you approach life forever (click image for audio):

Audio of guided energy exercises
Guided energy exercises

If you would like to go for optimum results as explained in the book, I recommend balancing out your system before starting the 10-minute daily energy exercise routines. This gives you the best chance for success. When you self-heal with Reiki, it can be quite a tiring experience to begin with as you are detoxing your mind and body. When you remove the negative energy it has to flow somewhere, you may therefore find yourself crying a lot during your first session – or you may find yourself sleeping a lot more. I would therefore recommend that you chose the most “unhectic” time in your year to start this process, i.e. not when you are about to go on summer holiday with the family and not at Christmas.

Self-treatment audio for rebalancing your energy (click on image to listen):

Reiki self-treatment routine for restoring the balance within
Assisted self-healing guide

Guaranteed focus and success

“How to Get Fit with Reiki and Music” provides motivational combination to give your training and fitness regime guaranteed focus and success.  Aside from providing you with a balanced, focused and motivated mindset, the symbiosis of Reiki and music gives you that extra push. The force from within you never thought you had.

How to Get Fit with Reiki and Music presents a revolutionary approach to exercise that will keep you motivated for good.

Energy Work

Through your Energy Work/Reiki you will master the discipline of self-control promoting the awareness of your own potential and usage of energy. It not only helps to build up bodily reserves of strength and resistance, and to control and cure disorders, but also has the ability to promote vitality, rejuvenate the body and stimulate intelligence.

  • Grounding
  • Centering
  • Energizing

Ancient methods in modern times

Based on the principles of Tendai Buddhism and Taoism for meditation and internal energy cultivation, Reiki was initially taught as an aid in self-healing. As such it can help in strengthening the body, harmonizing your emotions and calming your mind.  The purpose of the daily energy exercises is to activate, circulate, ground and channel energy also known as qi.  Qi is the energy inherent in all things. When practiced every day for just 10 minutes, Reiki can become a powerful tool for transformation and self cultivation. Many people who practice Reiki have reported remarkable changes in their overall health and energy levels as well as improved self-esteem and emotional outlook. Reiki is simple and easy to learn and can be practiced anywhere as it requires no equipment and just enough space to sit down in.

Energy Exercises Guide - a 10-minute routine to double your energy reserves, give you focus and help you find calm. With step-by-step instructions and illustrations.

Every workout is a breakthrough

Whether you are going through a physiotherapy program, training for a marathon or event or striving to improve your health and physique, this ingenious combination will help you get rid of bad habits, break behavioral patterns leading to lethargy and failure, and spur you on to set new benchmarks in your physical abilities. Through a few easy-to-learn techniques, this guide will give you the drive to get up a challenging hill. This hill can be both physical and psychological. This facilitating combo will support you from the start when you are defining your goals and planning out your schedule, right through to staying motivated.

The power of music

“There is a charm: a power that sways the breast Bids every passion, revel or be still, Inspires with rage or all your cares dissolves, Can sooth distraction and almost despair – That power is music”. – Armstrong, 1774

There is no denying the motivational power of music

  • Transporter of emotions
  • Fuel to your soul
  • Inspiration for dreams

I will be compiling a list of music suitable for jogging and aerobic exercises. When the click here button is live it means the list is available, otherwise I am still putting it together so feel free to contact me in the meantime.

All the hard work has been done for you.

All you have to do is get changed and turn the music up!

Through the symbiosis of Reiki and music, you will find that magic “kick” to propel you around the track or keep you pedaling up the hill. You will be able to dig deep down inside you to your “center of energy” as you disassociate from the physical limitations of your body and soar to mind-blowing lengths.


“An awesome, inspiring book and fab idea to combine the 2 tools of reiki and music to achieve what you want.” – Martha

“I just wanted to write to say how enlightening your guide has been. I have found it really easy to follow and beautifully explained and though it was written as a guide to getting fit I have found so much wisdom in your chapter on vibrations, wisdom that has really resonated with me in my particular situation with my 14 year marriage to a negatively charged selfish man. Thank you!” – Stacey

“The book is exactly right for helping people through life crises. The Reiki really helps you to focus. I thought I had a lot of  willpower, I recently completed a 5k run for charity, but then I seemed to lose my drive. I found this guide at just the right time. Everything is so much easier now.” – Alex

Available as paperback, Kindle and audio book

How to get fit with reiki and music - ultimate motivation guide

Are you ready to realise your potential? Try the 10-minute routine it will help you work harder for longer and improve your life.

free energy guide optin


Naturally the best way to get to grips with and reap the full benefits of any new routine or system is to have a mentor. That is why I run masterclasses and one-on-one sessions for anyone who wants to master the power of Reiki with music to realise their full potential.

Full immersion Reiki & Music Combo Retreat: 1 week £5,500

  • Full training in the art of Reiki
  • Guided one-to-one rebalancing sessions
  • Space and time to recover from your “healing crisis” to emerge with focus and more energised.
  • Daily training exercise programme tailored to suite your needs.
  • Full board and accommodation at hotel on the island of Hawaii Takata Sensei’s clinic was located in HiloHawaii
  • Tailored plan for lifestyle and fitness regime

1-to-1 Reiki & Music Coaching & Mentoring

  • Full training in the art of Reiki with Reiki Master
  • Guided one-to-one rebalancing sessions for as long as you need
  • Space and time to recover from your “healing crisis” to emerge with focus and more energised.
  • Daily training exercise programme tailored to suite your needs.
  • Tailored plan for lifestyle and fitness regime
Tired of feeling tired? Here are 10 top tips to stop feeling tired all the time and being more awake, alert and focused.

Typical causes of fatigue often include lack of sleep and being overworked. I’m sure you’re familiar with both – so where are you supposed to get the energy to write when you’re feeling tired all the time!?

No energy to write? Learn how to feel more awake instead of feeling tired all the time with these 10 simple tips.

After a hectic, stressful day, you come home with plans to write, but as you start to relax, that’s it, you’re done in and feeling sleepy. You can kiss any hopes of concentrating or feeling creative goodbye. I’ve been there and would like to share a few “tricks” that can help you fight this fatal bout of fatigue:

1. Fresh Air

A main cause of fatigue and lack of concentration is the “caged” effect where you indoor air has high levels of carbon dioxide. We constantly release carbon dioxide when we breath. Therefore, ensuring you have adequate ventilation is a very effective way to battle off the onset of feeling tired. So swing open the window and breathe in deeply for at least one minute.

2. Movement

Exercise is one of the most effective remedies for fatigue. I have yet to meet anyone who has fallen asleep whilst exercising! Whether you jump on the spot, swing your arms around, do squats or go for a walk – the main thing is to move. This gets your circulation going, increases your oxygen uptake and stifles the onset of fatigue. If you’re in an apartment or office, or aren’t really the sporty type, I recommend doing stretches at regular intervals as described in Yogitivity for example.

3. Cold Water

Nothing like cold water to wake you up! Splash cold water on your face, as well as your neck – just the trick to jump start your mind and body. Plus, don’t forget to drink water to help hydrate and refresh you. Staying hydrated is key to being alert and stress-free.

4. Coffee and Tea

Basically I live by the rule of thumb: don’t drink caffeinated drinks, they will make you feel tired. The stimulating effect of coffee and certain teas is well known. However, I would say if you love coffee, limit yourself to just one cup per day. The rest of the time drink decaf. You could also opt for energy drinks, but ultimately they leave you feeling more tired when consumed in excess – and don’t forget the calories. Go for something more natural and longer lasting, such as amazing teas from Forever Living or Tea Pigs

4. Essential Oils

Talking about natural options…. there is a whole world of natural remedies for fatigue out there. These 9 are the best for reducing fatigue:

  • Bergamot
  • Geranium
  • Black Spruce
  • Rosemary
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon

Pop a few drops in your diffuser and keep going with focus and purpose. Plus they make the room smell great!

5. Watch What You Eat

We’ve all fallen victim to the post-lunch slump. In biological terms this happens because of the increased demand in oxygen for the digestion process. Apparently, since a lot more oxygen is being directed to the digestive system there is not same level supplying the brain, resulting in fatigue symptoms.

Find out what foods your body deals with best – follow a clean diet (free guide and recipes). The harder is it for your body to digest (e.g. carbohydrates, the wrong combination of food types, etc.), the more oxygen is used for digestion. Therefore, you should opt for a light meal during the working day.

6. Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are also a tried and tested remedy, which hardly require any time, plus you can do them anytime, anywhere. Here is a breathing exercise that is fun and effective:

Breathing exercise to lift the spirits

Or you can use the “breath of fire” technique to increase new blood flow and oxygen in the brain. This is really powerful! Take care and start off gently. Click here for link to quick video.

  1. Sit up tall, stretching out the space between your belly button and heart.
  2. Breathe in and out through the nose and start to pull your belly in as you exhale, and push it out as you inhale. Imagine your belly fills up with air during the inhale and use your abdominal muscles to push the air out during the exhale.
  3. Start to shorten each breath and pick up the pace. The breathing should be loud and quick.
  4. Try to make you inhale and exhale the same length and strength.

7. Power Naps

This “power nap” is for me a very effective remedy for emerging fatigue. Ideal for gaining new energy in no time. At the beginning, a lot of practice is required until this nap succeeds at all times. But this practice pays off in any case.

How a real power nap works, what it can provide and what needs to be considered, is explained by the sleep researcher Matthew P. Walker, Associate Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley:

Why naps are good for us

8. Sleep

It might be an obvious one, but if you’re not getting enough sleep, you will most certainly feel tired during the day. Since lack of sleep is one of the main causes of fatigue, you should get into a regular sleep routine (e.g. 10pm to 6am). Following the rising and setting of the sun is best.

9. Crystals

Crystals are energy themselves as they are constantly vibrating. Here are some of the top energy-boosting crystals:

  1. Carnelian – boost your energy
  2. Hematite – beat the post-lunch slump
  3. Citrine – calm inspiring energy
  4. Kyanite – encourage efficiency
  5. Calcite – spiritual support
  6. Rose quarts – protect against negative energy
  7. Fluorite – block electromagnetic stress

With the right crystals you can get through anything.

10. Morning and Bedtime Routines

Naturally you need to look at your morning routing and your bedtime routine. I find that these help enormously in getting your body ready for the day and respectively, ready for a good night’s rest.

My Miracle Morning Routine

These are just a few tips on how to stop feeling tired all the time. Do you have any more you’d like to share below?

Plan for Success. How to get unstuck and find your priorities in under an hour

March: a month of creativity and enterprise 

A few words on listening to your instincts and getting unstuck from your current “state of stuckness”.

In January we are ready for change. To turn a new, fresh leaf. In February we start to see all these great new ideas. In March we have to set these in stone. Don’t let them slip away as you may begin to lose momentum in the coming months. It’s time to plan and capitalise on all these great creative energies within you and around you.

Use the energies of March

According to those in touch with nature, we’re in a month of creativity and inspiration. March is filled with energies that will propel us forward in new directions where we can make progress towards existing goals. Have you felt a shift this month? Are you feeling the need to plan and get rid of the superfluous? I am. Never before have I felt so in harmony with my surroundings and my “gut” instinct. 

This push to really get my ducks in a row (as much as I hate that saying) started at the end of last year. Admittedly it followed the usual need to declutter and start afresh. But this year is different. Why? You may ask with a hint of cynicism. Because this time I’m actually acting on and not just listening to what my “niggling” thoughts are telling me. I urge you to do the same. Get unstuck. The time is ripe to strike forwards at your dreams and aspirations. Use the energies of March to make a real plan to make your projects real, too.

How to move forwards this year

Step 1

Figure out where are you stuck and write it all down. Which projects are taking up too much of your time? Which New Year’s resolutions have already hit the fan? Write down all the areas where you are stuck or not making progress.

Step 2

Figure out what your priorities are. We’re always really good at giving advice to our friends so apply this to yourself. Imagine your problem is your friend’s problem. Imagine they are expecting you to provide them with possible solutions as usual. Even go so far as to pretend they are coming to see you in an hour or ten minutes, so you have to get your thoughts together quick and come up with a plan for them. Write it down. Don’t waste time. No more than an hour. Stick to your priorities.

Step 3

Be creative. Even though you are being more objective because the “problem” is not your own, you can also get creative with this process and ask friends to help out. Present your proposals from Step 2 to a friend. I asked a friend of mine who runs several bars and cafes to give me one hour of her time as a consultant. Just knowing I’d have to present my position to her made me write everything out with the pros, cons, investments, projected revenue, spider diagrams, business wheels, the lot. I answered most of my questions before she arrived, but having her there resolved the stray ends and consolidated my areas of focus.

The time to plan for success is now. Take a few minutes to take charge of your life. Get a step by step system that works and that you will stick to keep. Step one: know what your priorities are. Read more...

Now it’s your turn

Don’t delay. Do the above in a day. Don’t take more than an hour to find solutions. After you have planned out your priorities you’ll finally feel in alignment with your inner values and core beliefs. If you ignore them again and continue fire fighting and spreading yourself thin, you will continue to feel discomfort, dissatisfaction and fatigue. Life is so much more of a breeze when your dancing to the rhythm of your own beat. Pay attention to your internal compass for navigating your life and knowing what needs to be attended to.

Ready for change and the good life

March is a month where you can expect the unexpected. Follow your intuition as you step into a journey or new opportunities. Your intuition will strengthen with your resolve the  more  tuned  in  to your inner voice you become.  

Turn your aspirations in actions

You’re ready for change and ready to live a more authentic life. March challenges you to bravely  move in new directions.  Any kind of forward movement is better than staying  stuck. Face up to those feelings that show you where you’re stuck or needing change. 

Work smarter not harder

Remember your new plan following from steps 1,2,3 above. Don’t be stuck doing endless chores for others or all that work you make for yourself to keep yourself busy in order to ignore the real issues in your life. On the other hand, you may enjoy what you do, but ask yourself: Am I doing too much and not doing any of my own projects the full justice they deserve? 

When I stopped to ask myself that question, I made a brave bold decision to drop half of what I do. I simply struck half of my projects off my to do list – they are on the backburner for when I have time some day in the future. Now instead of inching forwards with multiple projects, I have 3 core areas of focus that will propel forwards through my more targeted use of time.

Don’t forget to think of yourself

Please also consider all your side-hustles and social media stuff. Are you actually factoring in how many unpaid hours you are putting in? Make sure you are getting back a value that reflects the effort you put in. Whether that value is monetary or simply in terms of satisfaction and enjoyment (a spider diagram is good to assess this).

By having a plan that is clear and simple, you will no longer be working non-stop or becoming despondent that your projects are not moving forwards because you’ve been spreading yourself too thin. Now you’ll have time for some self care (a big favourite of mine) and you’ll have time to think and reflect, therefore ultimately make better decisions, both on a personal and professional level.

Structure will give you freedom

Try getting organised using one or all of the methods below (everyone has a way that works best for them). See how you can then start to free up some time for your wellbeing and how this makes you more focused and productive. Notice also how you are more satisfied and content with yourself and your work because it is moving forward. 

  • To Do List: If you’re a checklist person and like crossing things off, make a ToDo list every day so you can cross some great big fact juicy lines through your list and get a sense of satisfaction. Only include your priorities, write the “blue sky” stuff on a separate list.
  • Start using a planner – e.g. Asana or your google calendar or simply with a writing pad. Divide it into your main areas of focus. Keep a cover sheet with an overview monthly calendar so you can see when important deadlines, dates or events are looming. Keep you to do list on the top, visible at all times. Write this list every morning (or at the end of your work day) so you are ready and have direction. This prevents you flouncing around like a butterfly willy-nilly without any true direction.
  • Divide the jobs into little jobs. If you’re a real organiser like me, set aside a few hours for planning each of your main projects and subdivide them into major tasks and then subdivide those down into the smaller tasks until you can create a timeline to getting your wish list done (Gantt chart).
  • Make a pizza. Some people see it like making a pizza in reverse: you know what the end product is going to look like, now break it down into the ingredients and steps required, remembering to factor in preparation time and cooking time for each section. This is how you will approach the subdivision of your major projects into smaller more manageable tasks along a timeline that starts with your ideal or set deadline and works back to where you are today. 

By creating routines, systems, structures and processes in your life this month you’ll be creating an environment that supports change, innovation and continued improvement. You’ll be creating the framework that will give you freedom as your projects take flight.

Since it is the month for inventiveness creativity and thinking outside of the box, isn’t it time you were March-ing in time with your own rhythm?

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The launch of the World of Wellness and Writing Fairs in Harrogate


An elegant boutique fair to launch the wellness and writing events is being held in the beautiful spa town of Harrogate

This elegant affair is to be held in the beautiful hotel of West Park. It overlooks the open grounds of the Stray in the quintessentially English spa town of Harrogate. There will be stalls showcasing nutritional advice and products to keep you focused, practices to help you recharge and find balance, experts in the field of fitness and posture, literary professionals and of course writing products and services.

We’re on the Health and Wellbeing Show!!

You can discover new healthy lifestyle tips, writing materials/skills and attend mini workshops/presentation. It’s also an opportunity to find out what events and courses are coming up soon in your area. It is important to liaise and collaborate with your local community, both as an individual and a business. It is a very rewarding experience – both ways!


Do you work in a creative field? Are you a writer, author, poet, blogger, novelist, reporter…. or just have to write a lot of reports or marketing content at work? If so, how do you avoid burnout, keep your creative juices flowing, stay focused, become more productive, keep your energy levels up….? Don’t worry, at the World of Wellness and Writing, we have lots of tips and hacks to help you.

Being a writer does not involve musing barefoot through blossom-covered archways and pondering on the meaning of life as many think. The creative process is a demanding and often very draining experience.

“The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.” ― Émile Zola.

As Zola says, it involves hard work. But to be a successful writer you also need several other key ingredients such as patience, passion, the ability to accept criticism, and so on. However, there is one fundamental ingredient required by writers that often goes unmentioned: Self Care.


Self care is perhaps of the most important element in a creative person’s life. As we deplete ourselves of energy and constantly delve within to find new ideas, inspiration and drive, we need to look after ourselves. Sadly most of us don’t and we experience burnout or frustration.

Here at the World of Wellness and Writing we believe in promoting self care for all writers from healthy lifestyle choices to ideas for refilling your creative well.

Come visit our fascinating stalls and uncover the secrets to uplevel your writing… or just gentle and inviting ways to improve your wellbeing.


Our boutique event is free to all and designed to inspire you to write and find a self care routine that works for you.

Venue for our first boutique fair

Just go through the front entrance fo the West Park Hotel overlooking the Stray and make your way to the back of the building to the private dining room. Wheelchair access.

Line-up of speakers + workshops

Susanna Lewis (aka A Yorkshire Girl) Writing as a form of therapy
Promoting Yorkshire Authors – helping you from idea to published book
Calligraphy Harrogate (workshop with Helen and Jools)
Martine Moorby (Reiki Master, EFT, spiritual health)
Meditation with Lou – join this relaxing session + feel the benefits
Kate Bunney: Young Living Essential Oils + Magnetix – improved wellbeing

We look forward to hosting many more such events, so keep a look out near you. Is your town ready for a World of Wellness and Writing Fair? Please write and let me know: Francesca Hepton (Founder)