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writers are natural self-isolators

Writers are naturally gifted in the act of self-isolating. We hide away from bright lights and crowds in favour of dimly lit rooms with the company of a furry friend. But now in times of great challenges, our superpowers are needed.

writers are natural self-isolators
Writers enjoy their own company

I call on all writers to use their talent as alchemists of words to send out inspiring messages to the newly cocooned self-isolators, the people who normally function in full daylight and thrive off the company of others. They will need all the moral support they can get as they face the same four walls for 14 days to potentially eternity.

Just because behaving like hermits comes naturally to us, the current outbreak and upheaval to life as we know it will put a strain on a lot of families and couples. Support them through your pearls of wisdom on instagram like never before, or even pull your finger out and get your book published on amazon to brighten up someone’s day. Or write an inspiring article on that blog site you are ignoring and leaving to fester with the spiders and virtual dust-bytes!

You could even share your insights with friends and loved ones helping them get through the day in their own company. Some of them may not have spent a lot of time with themselves recently. Show them the way. Be their guide to self-love or at least self-tolerance. Show them a nice place to walk, a fun book to read or delicious recipes to get lost in. Best of all, share tips on self-care. As a follower on my site you will not fall short on this topic.

I have not always been a pro at self-care. It took a lot of time to fully understand the effects of stress and burnout when working from home. It’s not all kittens and cushions. There are a lot of temptations, distractions and tasty stuff in the fridge… Not to mention my own personal achilles heel of not breaking off from work, not switching into “home time” mode – what for, you’ve been at home all day?!

If you’re stuck remember the three top self-care tips for deskbound writers and now the multitude of extra homeworkers:

importance of staying hydrated
  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Keep moving
  3. Take breaks

Until then, all you new remote workers, look to the writers, the pro self-isolators for inspiration and guidance. Use this time as an opportunity for inner reflection, growth and time to develop new skills. Periods of hardship often provide us with fertile soil for renewal and enlightenment that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Find clarity. Enjoy some rest.

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