Wellness & Writing

Healthy Body. Healthy Mind.

Use this clever combination of the pomodoro technique and yoga - Yogitivity (yoga for increased productivity and creativity) is based on stretching routines at regular intervals to keep you alert and energised. Designed to get the oxygen and blood pumping and to keep your posture right; not only will you write some of your best stuff and get it done on time, you'll also feel better and not fall victim of the usual back or neck ache.
Embracing the benefits of yoga to boost your creativity as a writer. Join one of our Yogitivity Workshops using yoga to improve your creativity as a writer.

Yogitivity© Workshop Content

Welcoming Circle – Introductions and how to open up your creative flow Yoga flow – to warm up our bodies and mind, allowing our energy to flow Guided imagery meditation

Guided Woodland Walk

A talk about the use of yoga as a writer – Using a yoga pose as a writing prompt – Exploring the creative power of oils Dear Me – A letter of self care

The importance of being aligned with yourself

Letting our natural creative flow dry up can even make us sick, because we do not live in harmony with our true nature. “Musicians have to make music, artists have to paint, poets have to write if they want to live in peace with themselves,” said Abraham Maslow, the founding father of humanistic psychology.

Get in touch with your creative source

Each and every one of us already has everything it takes to be creative. The only question is: how do we access our creative source? How can we tap into and find the artist in us? This is where Yoga can help us.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you at work.”

What is creativity? The workshop explores:

Would you consider yourself to be creative? Do you know creative people? Standard “creatives”: painters, sculptors, designers, dancers, composers

Everyday or maverick “creatives”: your child lying about homework, how you organise your shopping, your thought process for challenges, entrepreneurs – all working outside the normal parameters

Creativity driven by necessity – Prompted by extremes/external influences/change/drugs

Is creativity “on tap” possible?

  • Guided imagery sequences
  • Nurturing your physical state
  • Moving outside your comfort zone
  • The human juicer
  • Using yoga

Yoga as well as creativity is about getting moving, facing up to your self-doubts silencing those harsh judgments from teachers. Just start with a deep breath or a few words to mark an empty page, the rest will follow by itself. One thing leads to another and we get into the flow.

Yogitivity© – embracing the benefits of yoga to boost your creativity as a writer. Feel free to join one of our Yogitivity Workshops (held in the glorious grounds of Well House Yoga Space) using yoga to improve your creativity as a writer.

Sign up for your online Yogitivity course to release your inner creative. Or join our workshop on the 28th of June 2019, 10am – 2pm, just £40: cescahepton@gmail.com

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