How to Manifest Your Dreams and Goals

Simple, gentle steps to begin to discover and manifest your dream life goals. Unleash your passion as a writer onto the world by making your dreams a reality.

A gentle introduction to identifying and manifesting your dreams and goals

Are you fortunate enough to wake up every morning with the reassuring thought that the day ahead of you will be filled with doing something you love? Or do wake with a sense of trepidation at what lies ahead of you? Perhaps, you go to bed feeling fulfilled and satisfied that you spent the day doing something that was meaningful to you. Were you able to use your skills and talents and passion? Or did you spend the day fulfilling someone else’s dreams so you slunk into bed depressed and demoralised? If it’s the latter, let me walk you through some simple steps to help manifest your dreams and goals and why it is so important you do this.

Discover how to manifest your dreams and goals by identifying what you truly want and aligning yourself with your true self

Not living and striving for your dreams and goals may be affecting your health

Too may of us are spending our days not enjoying what we do. Many surveys say it is as a high as 90% of the population. Spending our days in such a negative and demoralising way must surely have an impact on our health and wellbeing. Because if you fell disengaged and unenthused about what you do, you will experience lower levels of happiness and more stress than those lucky few who are engaged in what they do. Are they “lucky”? Or did they achieve this happiness and wellbeing by design? Find out.

What you truly want forms your dreams and goals

Step 1. Identify your dreams and goals: For those of you who have watched my ABC of your Writing Dreams on facebook you’ll know that I go on and on about discovering what you truly want. After all it goes without saying that if you don’t know what you truly want, you can’t go after it, which means you can’t achieve it, then by default you’ll be unhappy. By the same token if you chase the false dreams or imposed dreams, you’ll also be unhappy. Find out what you truly want.

Step 2. Identify your skills. If what you truly want can somehow overlap with what you are good at, your skills and talents as a writer or blogger for instance, then you are on the express train to happiness, wellbeing and a healthy mind and body.

Step 3. Ask yourself these 2 questions. When manifesting your goals, there are two questions that you should explore to help you discover what you truly want. If you answer “yes” to both these questions, you have found your dream job and dream life:

  1. Does it make you feel alive when you do it or write about it?
  2. Do you lose all track of time when you are engaged in “it”?

The “it” is your passion, align “it” with your writing skills, make this your main activity/source of income and you have a dream life.

Other ways to reveal your dreams and goals

  1. Speaking of dreams, our subconscious can help us tap into our innermost desires. Try to remember your dreams. What is the “inner” you trying to tell the awake you? Our dreams provide insights into our personal desires and passions, which can point the way to an underlying purpose. Analyse your dreams and uncover your passions.
  2. Another avenue worth exploring is free-flow journaling where you just write without stopping for 5 to 10 minutes. See what comes out. You may surprise yourself! Your dreams may reveal themselves to you!

What to do when your perfect dream life is not instantly possible

To avoid disappointment, we need to be realistic. It would be nice if your source of income was your passion, but this may not always be possible. It does not mean that it is not something you could work towards. There is no reason to shut your passion out of your life just because it doesn’t make money. That is like extinguishing your inner light. Then what is the purpose of life?

You can try to incorporate your passions into the life and job you do have. So for example, if you work in industry but your passion is saving the environment, you could start a free online blog about recycling based on the experiences you have in your sector at work? It may even get noticed and supported by your boss!

Life is too short

As youngsters we think we will live forever, we have boundless energy and the day we start our dream life is always tomorrow. But now that you are stopping to think about your life, don’t waste anymore time. It is disheartening enough to see young people wasting their time and talents, you don’t need to let yours go to waste too. The light that shines within you is critical a happy life and a happy world. We should have a life filled with vitality and freedom. When your life and work decisions are based on your passions, you feel a sense of true identity, alignment, energy, flow and vitality.

So ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What are my skills?
  2. What is my passion?
  3. Where do these intersect?

You may not think you are worth listening to, but the rest of us are waiting with baited breath. For anything borne of passion and kindled with the energy of freedom is 100% worth reading.

To manifest your dreams and goals, first ask yourself: What do you truly want? Let me know if you are living your dream life. You could inspire others. Join me on facebook for more helpful videos to guide you through this process:

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