My Miracle Morning

Are you following your miracle morning or someone else’s miracle morning? Ask yourself, are you so busy rushing around making sure that you hit those targets, doing someone else’s routine, trying to be like that successful person that you haven’t even stopped to realize you may have already arrived?

Today I woke up and literally smelled the roses. In short, I had a revelation – not quite an epiphany. Actually, it was more of a niggling thought that had long lain dormant and ignored at the pit of my subconscious mind. What was this fantastic revelation that made today my miracle morning?

I realized I had arrived!
I had been so wrapped up in trying to be like the famous successful people, trying to follow their “miracle morning” routines that I had lost sight of what I had accomplished in my life. Until I stopped.

How did this revelation manifest itself? In a moment of self-quizzing. Why was it that I couldn’t get up at 5am and go for a run!!?? Didn’t that mean I’d never be truly successful if I didn’t….? Hang on. Hold up. Stop everything. That’s insane. It was in that moment I realized I was doing exactly what I wanted to do in my life. But I was doing it MY WAY. For instance, there is no need for me to even get up early! I’m my own boss! I don’t need to freeze my **** off in the cold rain on a morning jog. Most importantly, it dawned on me (no pun intended) I already have everything I want in life. Everything and anything from here on in is going to be a bonus.

Rushing around so much trying to be the best without realising you actually are the best! Don't wake up and smell the coffee, wake up and smell the roses!

To put it simply, this “revelation” brought me back to my roots and it made me feel stronger than ever. I did not need to follow the morning routines of others (no disrespect to the real Miracle Morning author). I needed to do what came naturally to me. And I was (am). What’s more, it was (is) working.

I realized I had arrived!

Definition of my success?

  • Loving and healthy children and a loving family
  • Blessed with close friends that are a part of my soul
  • I run my own business, work my own hours – from home!
  • My personal fitness – better than when I was 20
  • Published 14 books that I am proud of!
  • Fab website for writers that helps them realize their potential and dreams whilst boosting their wellbeing!!

The list goes on, but you get the idea. Perhaps most important of all, is the fact I am doing it all MY WAY. Following our natural choices is key to our liberation, sense of accomplishment and ultimate success. I no longer want or need to fit into the molds made and propagated by others.

Doing it your way

Do it your way!

I don’t believe for one moment that the genius behind the hedonistic hero Oscar Wilde was based on a 30-minute jog and 20 minutes of chanting in the morning. Nor do I believe that the free spirit of Virginia Woolf was the result of ritualistic self-affirmations and a nurturing balance routine. I am not mocking either side of this coin. To the contrary, I am merely pointing out that we do not all need to follow the same path to end up at a destination of personal accomplishment and sense of achievement.

Same cake, same ingredients, different methods

Firstly, the cake represents success (however you choose to define it). Secondly, the ingredients represent the steps you take to getting to your success. Finally, the way in which you choose to mix your ingredients and bake your cake is what sets us apart.

Create your own miracle morning routine and love it!

Main ingredients (same principle, different names)

  • Time to think or rather, not think – clear mind – meditation
  • Planning – defining your goals/day – visualization
  • Exercising – stretching – movement
  • Yoga – grounding/being in nature – journaling
  • You – your mantra/beliefs – self-affirmations
  • Special ingredient shared by all: repeat regularly

Have your own miracle morning

My personal morning starts how I want it to: listening to an inspiring talk on motivation, meditation, meaning of life, etc., whilst imbibing a cup of yogi tea, stroking my beautiful cat, gazing at the trees in my garden (you could equate this to meditating, but it’s not forced). My mind is either blank or I come up with some of my best ideas (like this post!).

Maybe you start your day with a refreshing and energizing walk with your beautiful dog. This is a natural way to reflect, exercise and be grounded by nature. Or perhaps you start your mornings early mucking out the horses and going for a ride. This is also a time to sort your thoughts and be in the fresh air and exercise.

These different “miracle mornings” represent the same key ingredients used by successful people, but their ingredients for success are “baked”, “mixed” and implemented in ways that are more suitable to that particular individual. All these examples include nature, contemplation and animals. They all offer the opportunity for reflection, movement and  grounding. plus, animals are a great way to slow down and connect with life around you.

Your miracle “day” checklist

Instead of cramming all these activities in the morning, you may find you already do them throughout your day. If so you can leap for joy – you’ve just gained whole hour in the morning that you would otherwise dedicate to writing, reading, omming and arring! Let’s make a new miracle day checklist just out of curiosity. At the end of your day, have you:

  • learned / experienced something new
  • practiced mindfulness or reflected on the wonder of the world, e.g. on walks
  • exercised, e.g at the gym, a yoga class, movement of some kind
  • read a great book maybe when you go to bed or when you get a few moments
  • spent some time thinking what you want out of life
  • drank enough water/fluids
  • not indulged in binge eating or wasting time in front of TV!!
  • felt thankful for what you have

If you are doing these things but not necessarily all at the crack of dawn, then you have the ingredients for success in your day. Furthermore, if you do them regularly you’ll reap the fullest benefits for success in your life. Trying to contort the start of your day to fit in a routine that does not feel natural to you is a recipe for depression and self-blame. Let’s not go down there. We want a happy start to our day!

By the way, there is nothing wrong with following what is now considered to be the perfect morning routine. For instance, some people go to the gym at 6 am after sorting out the house stuff and before a busy day at work, and that suits them. Each to their own.

At the end of the day

The most important thing is if at the end of the day you feel satisfied with yourself and your life. On my miracle morning, I realized that I had absolutely everything I wanted. My easy freelancing life as a writer is flexible, giving me the freedom to spend every day with my family or go out to see friends when I want to. For the past 15 years, it has also provided me with ample income to support my family and provide a comfortable home in a beautiful town. The golden dollar I was chasing was the dream society had imposed on me and I in turn had imposed on myself. Hard to shirk off 40 years of brainwashing. But really if there was just me and my family on the planet, I could not care less if I actually owned a private jet or a Swiss ski chalet!

At the end of the day return to yourself. You are your strongest power. The strongest power is within you. Not someone else’s miracle morning. Chase your dream, not the fake golden dollar. It is far more rewarding, you’ll produce better work and success will be natural not forced.

Quick success check: Remove everyone from the planet. Leave just you and your loved ones. And ask yourself: Am I happy with what I have? If not, why? What is missing? Define that and go after it.

Be true to yourself.

Don’t lose yourself in this latest rush of becoming spiritual, screaming “I AM GREAT” to your reflection in the mirror and journaling just for the sake of it. Do it if you believe in it.

Although Shakespeare may have said that we are all actors upon a stage, you do not need to strut your stuff to someone else’s beat. Write your own beat to strut along to. Find your roots again. Think what your mantra might be without having to label it as a mantra, and live by it.

Don't try to fit into someone else's mold. You'll contort and distort yourself. Wear your own size. Sing to your own tune. You'll be happier and more successful this way.
A tight fit will distort you. It’s uncomfortable.
Wear your own size. Feel comfortable.

There is a great French idiomatic saying:

Je suis bien dans mon peau (I am content with myself)

Literally it translates as “I feel good/at ease in my skin”.  Another way of looking at it is: don’t squeeze into a size 6 if you’re a size 12 – and vice-versa. Work out YOUR own miracle morning. Strut to your own beat. There is no disgrace in that. If you are not an early riser, make the most of the wee hours of the morning as you burn your candle in the moonlight like Charles Dickens.

We are writers. We are artists. You cannot clone us or clip our wings to fit us into regimental molds and organized time planners. Creativity is an untameable beast. You just need to know when it is you time to jump on its back and ride that baby – your way!

To sum up: Ask yourself, are you so busy rushing around making sure that you hit those targets, doing someone else’s routine, trying to be like that successful person? So much so that you haven’t even stopped to realize you may have already arrived?

Take a moment. What would your ideal morning or start to the day be like? Are you doing that? Because if you are, it means you’re living life your way. Welcome to the non-famous club of writers/freelancers/entrepreneurs who have arrived.

There actually is a “club” if you’d like to join our group of writers: Come on over and tell us: What does your miracle morning look like?

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