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deluxe self-care kit to nourish and replenish your body, mind and soul

If you’re a freelance creative like a writer, blogger, solopreneur, solancer, mompreneur, whatever it is you choose to call yourself these days, and you are often desk-bound for hours and days, I’m pretty certain like me, you tend to neglect your own personal needs from time to time. Let me help you make that bad habit a thing of the past and help you to restore calm and balance in your life with your very own DELUXE self-care kit.

Welcome to your retreat

You don’t have to pay oodles of money and fly off to a tropical country to reap the benefits of a mindful, relaxing and replenishing retreat. Open up your own sanctuary right in your own home. dedicate an area as your “healing space”. In your room, living room, garden wherever, on the beach  I don’t care so long as it’s yours and you’re undisturbed there. Next dedicate some part of the day as your “healing time”. First thing in the morning or last thing at night when it is quiet, when everyone else is asleep, or maybe when you’re in the bath. Just 10 minutes or longer if you can. Try to check into your healing space once a day. If you don’t want to splash out, try the taster self-care pack for FREE first:

A DELUXE self-care kit for desk-bound professionals. Helping you to destress, find calm and focus.

So you have “your healing space” – check – and you have “your healing time” – check. Next, do you have the right attitude? Yes you obviously have the right open mindset to welcome in healing, because you are reading this article. And finally some support. For instance, in the form of assisted meditation. A step-by-step guide on how to balance your energy levels and self-heal? Don’t have this. Buy your deluxe self-care kit and you’ll have this in seconds. Done. Now you’re ready. Now you have have what it takes to create your own mindful oasis where invite replenishment and revitalisation back into your life.

Your Self-Care Kit

This Deluxe Package represents an opportunity for you to align your body and mind using various meditative, yoga and self-healing techniques. In addition to this, some well-earned time-out gives you the chance to benefit from an incredible healing experience.

Go ahead and nurture your neglected SELF through the revitalising yoga flow sequence or enjoy the calmness of the restorative energy balancing meditation.

The practice of self-care can be life-changing on so many levels

This DELUXE Package WORTH $114.98 is just $24.99 to you because you need it. I designed it because I wish somebody had sent one to me when I was feeling in need of some confidence and refocus in my life. Self-care in the form of energy rebalancing, meditation and yoga helped change my life for the better. Acknowledge the demands your work makes of you and how it affects your physical and mental health. Taking care of your mental and physical wellbeing is vital to warding off stress and exhaustion, as both these factors can have a detrimental impact on both your personal life and professional performance.

Make some me time and open up and explore what’s your virtual restorative retreat box of freebies. You’ll find a few things to get you started on your journey of self-healing and empowerment.

Yeah yeah I’ve herd it all before I hear you say. If that’s the case have you actually TRIED it all before? Now you have the chance to try it all for FREE.

What’s in your self-care kit?

This self-care package is designed to put you back centre-stage in your life. To remember to look after yourself first. By doing this you are better able to help and serve others. The benefits you reap in terms of improved mental and physical wellbeing will also be reflected in the quality of your work, your sense of determination and your renewed focus on things and people  that matter in your life.

In your Deluxe Package WORTH $114.98 but just $24.99 to you includes:

  • guided energy meditation + self-healing meditation, plus  step-by-step illustrated guide
  • illustrated guide for grids, layouts in  crystal healing and balancing 
  • 4-hour crystal audio guide with techniques for past life healing, how to choose your crystal, the properties of crystals and more
  • 7-minute morning sun salutation sequence audio with 2 additional step-by-step audios for beginners 
  • 20-minute detox flow
  • Clean Diet ebook with weekly meal planner + recipes
  • 6 inspirational, uplifting + motivational personal development guides: How to Be Happy | How to Give Up Drinking | How to Look Young | How to Save Money | How to Stop Smoking | How to Get Fit
  • BONUS Powerful Abundance Meditation (guided audio)

Deluxe Package $114.98      is JUST $24.99                        

Deluxe Self-Care Package

Simply breathe and believe! A little boost of happiness for you or a friend! Let the worries of life float by. Remember, you are a work in progress. Nothing is ever set in stone. Keep breathing. Keep loving. Keep giving. All the good things that make life sing surround you. All of them. Just for you. Give yourself some support with this positive package of self-love.



Click here to confirm your purchase and enter the email address where you would like me to send your downloads. Thank you.


Yoga Sun Salutation x3 + Twist Detox Flow – Audio
Beneficial and revitalising yoga audio flows to detox and energise

A 7-minute yoga sequence to start your day off right. Split into 3 6/7 minute audios with step-by-step instructions for beginners. This specially choreographed sequence gets your mind focused on your intent, builds flexibility and strength while unwinding and unifying the body and mind. And everyone has 7 minutes to start their day with meaningful purpose.

Guided Energy Balancing + Self-Healing Audios, plus illustrated Guide
The healign powers of Tendai buddhism and Taoist beliefs for self-healing and energy rebalancing - 2 guided meditations

An introduction to energy balancing and enhancing techniques. Based on the principles of Tendai Buddhism and Taoism, this 12-minute daily exercise will melt away stress and negative tension, while strengthening the positive energetic integrity of your entire being. This gives you, above all, more focus, a greater sense of calm and ultimately more motivation. Step-by-step PDF guide and assisted audio meditation.

Crystal Healing Techniques 4-hour Audio and PDF Guide
Restorative and nourishing healing techniques using crystals. 4-hour audio

As we strive to realise our ambitions, it is first of all essential for us to be aligned with our true self. Often we don’t even realise we are carrying someone else’s karmic baggage or beliefs. Before we can enjoy life to its fullest we need to free ourselves from these ties and negative chords. This 20-minute audio helps you make that break and the PDF guide provides you with 10 powerful healing and balancing grids to restore your sense of purpose and wellbeing.

Clean Diet eBook for Busy Freelance Creatives

Clean Diet ebook for writers to help you manifest success

Improved nutrition increases your brain function, keeps you on task and helps you realise your full potential as a writer.  Hence why I’m helping you to safely and gently change to become a more mindful eater. This Clean Diet booklet is an easy introduction to cleaning up your diet, an inspirational source of education and ideas on how to begin to incorporate more nutritious health building foods into your weekly menu.

How to be Happy AudioBook

Uplifting personal development guide: How to Be Happy

Time to blow away those blues, so put your feet up and get ready to smile. Not only are you feeling happy to have received this FREE Self-care Taster Package this little gem of a book will also put a skip in your step.It is filled with lovely ways to remember just how wonderful life is.

How to Look Young + be More Grateful, Grounded + Gorgeous – Audiobook
How to look young and be more grateful, grounded and gorgeous - personal development guide to help you feel great on the inside and outside.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, there is a secret formula to looking more youthful – PLUS you get the added benefits of feeling

  •  thankful 
  • great 
  • on top of the world
  •  invincible 
  • downright gorgeous

How? Because you are aligned with your true self and nourishing your body. Discover the magic formula for yourself. So fill up your tub with healing salts and suds and soak away your blues as you listening to this fabulous little pick-me-up.

How to Give Up Drinking and Be a Part of the World Again –  Audiobook
Audio guide on how to stop drinking

Dependent on a little drinky-poo to get you through the day? Dependency on drink can lead to alcoholism. It can also strip you of your energy, health and money.
Want to get refocused and back on track in life? Feeling the pressures of life, family and work getting on top of you – too scared to get rid of drink as your crutch? You’ve come to the right place. With a simple 1-2-3 formula, this guide sets you back on your right path WITHOUT the devil of drink on your back. OWN IT – HATE IT – BEAT IT.

How to Stop Smoking and Start Living – Audiobook
audio guide on quitting smoking: How to stop smoking and start living

Looking to break a bad habit? There is so much help out there now (e-cigarettes/vapes, patches, gum, etc.) and smoking itself has been demonized as a habit all you really need is the right mindset. You can either go to a hypnotherapist and pay $150 or listen to this audiobook for free. It reminds you about all the other great stuff there is to do in life without he ball and chain  of smoking around your neck. Get reading. Get living!

How to Save Money – The Concise Guide to Saving £1,000 – Audiobook
concise guide on how to save money audio

Why is a book on saving money part of your “personal growth’ journey? Quite simply: financial worry is a HUGE part of people’s stress. If you can alleviate some of this stress through simple saving techniques, you will feel more relaxed and better able to pursue your goals and remain optimistic.

 How to Get Fit with Reiki and Music – Audiobook
The ultimate motivation guide: How to Get Fit with Reiki and Music

The ultimate motivation guide. In fact the only motivation guide you’ll ever need. It contain 2 keys to the success of getting motivated and staying motivated. Based on the ancient practice of Taoism and Tendai Buddhism, this method will teach you how to build on your reserve of energy, tap into limitless energy and focus solely on the important things in life. You will learn how to be calm, level-headed, rested and confident. Not to mention physically fitter and spiritually happier!

BONUS    Guided Meditation to Attract Abundance

BONUS: A powerfully effective meditation audio I would like to share its power with you now.

All of this personal development, self-healing and self-discovery is an important premise for improving your emotional IQ, and this goes hand-in-hand with the Manifest your success a writer course. Therefore, if you can use the next few weeks to get rid of all the frazzle and chaos in your mind and life, it is the best start you can give yourself as you begin to identify your true ideals and ambitions. This in turn forms the foundations for building the realization of your goals and ambitions.

In conclusion, the Self-Care Kit I have prepared for you creates a space where you can inspire, nurture and nourish your body, mind and soul. Feeling calm and at peace with yourself not only improves your overall well-being, it boosts your confidence in your ability to accomplish your goals. As a result, self-care has an important driving quality to manifesting your goals and helping you achieve success.

For now though, just sit back and relax. Take yourself on a mini-retreat. A little me time holiday. After a few weeks when you come back, you may not have a tan or gained a few pound instead, take a look at your mental health and emotional state of well-being. By listening to the assisted energy meditation and practicing self-care every day with the help of these inspirational and powerful audios, you will feel more confident, better able to pursue your goals and much, much calmer. Go ahead. Enter your personal wellness oasis. Treat yourself to a DELUXE self-care package designed especially with you in mind.

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