Step-by-step guide on how to publish your book + get reviews

A step-by-step guide to self-publishing your book on amazon that won’t cost you a penny! Plus an easy way to get reviews.

Help and advice for self-publishers

Bring your book to life for others to enjoy.
Put your fears and doubts aside. It is easier than you think and I’ll be there to help you every step of the way along with a whole tribe of indie publishers!


A step by step guide to publishing your own book – very simple.
WWW can help you stay healthy, motivated and focused whilst writing yourbook, but what happens after you have created your precious baby?!

1. Create an ebook on kdp

Here are the basic steps to follow to get your book out there, for readers to enjoy – and it won’t cost you a penny.
Create an account with Kindle Direct Publishing (an amazon company). You then simply need:

  • Word file of your book
  • a jpeg of your front cover
  • 7 keywords to help people find you (use amazon keyword tool to research
  • blurb/summary to describe your book (a hook to get readers to want to buy your book and it should included some of your keywords)

I can help with the formatting if you are not sure (front cover and Word file). Just email a copy of your file. You do not need an ISBN number for an ebook – kdp can assign one for free for your paperback or you can just buy one.

Need help with the artwork?

I can also help you select a category and price and even do the artwork if you are struggling ( offers some low-cost options).Just let me know if you need a cover, some artwork for Pinterest and Facebook or other social media platforms where you would like to promote your book.

How to get book reviews

Book reviews can be the make or break of your book. After all, how else can readers who do not know you make up their minds about whether to buy your book or not? Here are 2 great blog posts on the pitfalls and possibilities you face:

The second one is particularly in-depth.

Get book reviews here

If you are struggling to get reviews (you should aim for 10 as a minimum), I will gladly do this for you. Simply email the title and author of the book you would like me to review on amazon. Naturally if I feel it is 3 stars or less, I will not add the review. Instead I would inform you privately. Check out my book review options here.

Organise a pre-launch for your book

Before you make your book LIVE / available for sale, it is a good idea to put it up for “Pre-order”. You can do this through Get all your friends and family to pre-order a copy of the book (at just 0.99 p). Ask the to review your book and it will help boost your book’s ranking in amazon and help its visibility.

There are other ways to help boost sales, but this is a free option. (You still own the rights to the book, but you can give amazon / kdp exclusive rights to the e-book/kindle version. This will help boost your sales but means you cannot offer it elsewhere as an e-book)


Paperback. You dno longer need to go through createspace. It is all done on kdp.

Much the same as above, you just need a Word file and a PDF of your cover. You can upload these on kdp – it assgins you a free ISBN number or I can show you where to get them: this is in the UK
Again, kdp offer templates for the size of the book you want and I can help with the formatting if you need.

The front cover this time will need artwork and information for the front and back and spine. You will need a blurb/description, keywords and category. (You can use the same as you did for the e-book/Kindle version of your book).
Once the files are submitted and accepted your book will appear on amazon (whichever channels / countries you choose) for free and it will be printed on demand. No investment costs.

3. Audio with acx

Want to offer an audio version of your book? acx is an affiliate of amazon that can do this for free. Its artists (narrators) can either be paid up front for their work, i.e. a flat flee, or decide to opt for 50/50 share of the royalties of each audio copy in return for recording the content free of charge.
What you need to do.

  • Create an account: create your account.
  • Prepare and upload 200 words or so for auditioning purposes.
  • Create a cover – this is based off the cover of your book, slightly different formatting, showing the name of the narrator of course, but no real biggy in terms of work.
  • Listen to the auditions and choose the one you like – really simple!
  • You then work with your chosen narrator, listening to their recording and approving them or requesting changes until you are both happy and voila! you have a free audio of your book

All Done! Sit Back and Relax

After you have done all this hard work (not half as much as a publisher or agent gets you to do with regard to marketing and promoting your book!) kdp and acx simply pay you the royalties whenever a copy is sold.
It’s worth taking a few days or weeks to make your work immortal.

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