The Empowered Writer

How self care rituals and routines help you realise your full potential as a writer.

When you are steadfast in your power, you cannot be thrown from your centre.

Positive Thinking. Positive Living. It’s time to recognise the power you have within.

wellness and writing - the empowered writer

Welcome to my world. A world of peace, strength and positivity where nothing is done by the book! If you are a traditionalist or puritan when it comes to Yoga, publishing, meditation and anything to do with self-healing then avert your eyes. The rest of you can join me on a journey to find inner power and release the warrior within!

Are you trapped?

Being trapped in a cage is a nightmare nobody wishes to endure. Being in a mentally and emotionally abusive relationship creates such a virtual cage. Nobody chooses to get into the cage. It just seems to form around us as we cling onto the hope that things will get better, that our partner will become more understanding.

Many of us are in relationships we did not envisage or want. Although in my case there was no physical abuse only deliberate misconstruing of my affirmations and gaslighting, I was trapped. At first I thought it was romantic, it made me feel special, until his presence began to suffocate me with his cloak of control and insecurity.

I could not even release my tension through jogging which I loved. “It is not safe, I’ll come with you.” Nothing was my own anymore. Only my thoughts.

How self-care can bring you out of the dark

The door to my cage remained locked year after year and I had no escape. Perhaps you can relate to this? When I had nowhere else to turn, I turned inward. Come with me.

1. Yoga

I had to do something. I had to stop drinking my way into oblivion every night, pretending it would all magically resolve itself. Quite by chance my escape began with an audio download from Mandy Ingber. I only intended to do yoga to help my circulation and posture since I sat at a desk all day long. It was something I could do on my own at home. But somehow, as if indeed by magic, Mandy’s hatha yoga routines helped me reconnect to my inner self. They woke up my old spark.

The routines helped me find strength from within. Since I had always been quite an athletic person when I was younger, I had feared my body would have deteriorated after 10 years of neglect. But slowly one bridge pose and pigeon stretch after another I became the peaceful warrior. My self-belief grew. The previous suppleness of my body was finding its way back to life. I was proud of what I was doing. I repeated her words over and over again: “If you want change in your life, you need to move your legs.” I wanted change. Every inhale and exhale I got a step closer to seeing more and more light at the end of my tunnel.

2. Reiki + Meditation

energy enhancing exercises

I had managed to break free from a toxic relationship. Now it was time to heal. This was an incredibly important part of my journey as a single mother now. I had to be strong for all of us. As you may now, when women enter the perimenopause stage of life, their hormone imbalance opens the way to self-doubt. Many of us begin to feel less confident about our decisions and actions. This was all the more reason why I needed to heal and give myself time.

Reiki was a natural step for me to take. A complete skeptic to begin with I was soon taken in by its powers as a form of self-healing. It was never my intention to use it on others. Mikao Usui designed the practice (1920s, Japan) based on Tendai Buddhist and Taoist methods. He intended it for the purposes of self-healing. After my first attempt by myself I had already begun the beautiful and uplifting journey to restoration. I practiced diligently for 20 minutes everyday for a whole month. After 3 weeks of a “healing crisis” as my body’s energy levels re-balance, it was clear I had quite a lot of negativity and tension to get rid of! I slept 14 hours a day and cried at first. After this month of healing I felt energised and positive. Meditation clears your mind and has many other benefits.

Energy Exercises Guide Optin

3. Healing crystals

This next step was more just for fun. The effects though took me by surprise. I enjoyed the power of the crystals so much I used them every day for 10 minutes. I started with a physical healing grid for 2 weeks. Then I moved onto the chakra balancing grid and finally used amazonite to help release any toxic emotions. It is important to always start at the base. If your base and/or root chakra is not in balance, the rest with topple. You need solid foundations.


Crystals allowed me to understand the negative effects of harbouring beliefs that were not mine. Beliefs and mindsets I had been carrying since childhood. In order to be fully aligned with your true self, you need to shed these beliefs. You must follow only your own and not be ashamed of them. Society and families indoctrinate us. Usually because they believe it is for our own good. To be a confident empowered person you need to cut the cords to these beliefs and ways and foster your own.

Now I started to notice other women who were trapped. I noticed other women who lacked confidence and were being held back by their own fears. That is when I began writing my guides in my own name (I ditched the mask of my pen name). It was time to help others.

Personal Development Guides

My personal development guides offer general guidance and specialised information on your path to spiritual healing. They are flexible enough to accommodate your needs and lifestyle.

1. “How to be Happy” is perhaps the ultimate goal, but first you need to take some basic steps:

2. Kick bad habits: “How to Stop Smoking and Start Living” and “How to Give up Drinking and Be a Part of the World Again” will help liberate you from the shackles of smoking and alcohol dependency.

3. If you cannot earn more money then maybe you can save some (“How to Save Money“), which will help you to pay for the things you want to do. And treat you to some well-deserved ME time if you’ve kicked a bad habit!

4. Live a healthier lifestyle and be more youthful: “How to Look Young and be more grateful, grounded and gorgeous“. Just the beginning to a world of opportunities where you are nothing short of amazing.

5. Feel focused, fit and motivated: “How to Get Fit with Reiki and Music” is an uplifting guide. It contain two of the most potent methods for finding focus and motivation. Being the best version of you is almost effortless with the power of music and a daily 10-minute cleansing and refilling of your energy system.

Release your power!

release your inner warrior

Empowering women

I want to help empower other women who may be feeling lost or out of touch with who they are

The power of self-belief underpins all aspects of who you are and the life you forge. My books are intended to offer guidance and enable, equip and inspire my readers, clients and friends to find fulfillment built on a solid foundation of authentic self-knowing. Stop fearing success or being yourself because of your past, because of your emotional scars or because of how others judge you.

The Birth of Your Life Happens in Your Mind

Move forwards, create opportunities, be at peace with yourself and the world around you.

The Power of the Great – Taoism

The icon for my online courses school “Heavenly Ki” is Hexagram #34. great Vigor. Great Power. “If one has power inside, one has no need of proving it. Remember, having power is not a matter of exerting it, but of being it. The strength to make your own mind true and positive in all circumstances is a greater power than having power over someone or something else.”

Sovereign Hexagram #34 Great Power

  “…the Power of the Great is activated for those who know that the greatest strength is the ability to overcome themselves and their insecurities. Persisting in this outlook will lead to success. The hidden influence of Determination shows that a breakthrough in thinking has changed a landscape of obstacles into opportunities to prove the strength of your inner character. The underlying cause of Contemplation shows that after a period of surveying the playing field, you are ready to move forward. Invigorate your sense of resolve because success is in sight.”

It’s time to release  your inner warrior. It’s time to take action.

Read MY STORY: From Worrier to Warrior

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