How to Relieve Back Pain

Tips on relieving back pain for desk-bound professionals.


Back pain relief + remedies for desk-bound professionals at home + in the office.

Today I wanted to share with you some simple tips on how to build a strong and stable back. Because there is nothing worse than being in constant pain. Not only does it detract from your work results, it makes you feel depressed and demotivated.

So let’s get you back on track to be a happier, healthier and more productive writer!

Here are a few suggestions:

1. In the gym do more exercises on your back. Why? Most people spend a lot of time at desks and develop poor posture by slouching forward.

2. A 2:1 RATIO between chest and back works well. For example: Press ups for chest, then a seated row and then pull ups for back.

3. Work on strengthening your core.

4. Have your posture and lifestyle assessed by a skilled professional can that give you a competent program that helps you.

5. Check out Graham Whitehead Health’s youtube channel I have plenty of core exercises on there. 

6. Download this great free ebook on back pain. 

7. Perfect technique with every rep you do in the gym. This way you train your brain to work out a position of optimal posture.

8. Have someone successfully progress you through some phases of exercise and strength training.

9. Some of the points above may not work if you are suffering with a back issue. Therefore please consult your DR or source a well trained professional who can offer you the guidance you need.

Try some simple techniques you may not have thought of before to ease your back pain. Without the pain you will be better able to concentrate and feel happier in yourself.

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Graham Whitehead is a health and exercise coach based in Harrogate specialising in low back pain, injury rehabilitation, holistic lifestyle coaching, and weight loss.   Graham Whitehead health offer a thorough physical assessment which allows him to look at range of motion, core strength, posture, movement, and general orthopaedic health. In conjunction with this a thorough lifestyle assessment is done to assess the diet, sleep, levels of stress, hormonal systems, medical history, and chief complaints.   Once all the information is gathered a health and well being program is produced to create an effective lifestyle and training program that meets the demands of the client.   Graham is currently based at Harrogate     START FEELING FREE AGAIN TODAY!

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