The Golden Precepts to Life

Adopt five simple precepts for one amazing life

Finding equanimity within our life can often be the biggest challenge we face.

As a result of these frustrations we become

  • stressed
  • anxious
  • angry
  • frustrated
  • ill
  • worried

If we are able to reduce our sense of fear and worry and turn these negative emotions into a more balanced outlook, we will find peace within ourselves bringing

  • tranquility
  • a sense of purpose
  • self-respect
  • compassion
  • happiness

back into our lives. Print out these precepts and remind yourself of them when you wake up and before you go to bed at night. They will help you rid yourself of worry.

1. Be free from worry and anger

Worry causes stress, which effects the body, and can lead to illness. Worry channels negative energy into the thought we worry over. As we know, thoughts and words eventually become our actions meaning we are actually wishing for what we are worrying about! The same applies to anger. We make ourselves more upset. Anger does not resolve a situation. Redirect your thoughts somewhere more positive.


5 precepts for a happy life


2. Keep things simple and you will be rewarded

By being honest and upfront your life will be so much easier. if you lie, cheat or deceive, you will become entangle din your wicked web! Your life will be deceitful. The same applies with how you treat others. Show others respect and you are more likely to be respected back. The world around you is usually a reflection of your own conduct.

3. Love the little things

Be grateful for what you have instead of always wanting something else or something more. Start now, otherwise you will be in a permanent state of discontentment.

By following the 5 precepts as outlined in Tendai Buddhism and famously drawn on by Mikao Usui, you too can find this sense of restored balance and equanimity in your life.

Just five steps to becoming a more balanced and productive version of you. Print this PDF out and keep it on your fridge, desk or in your bag, to remind you that life does not have to be so hard and the road to happiness and success is just 5 steps away.

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