Back Pain Relief for Desk Warriors

Sitting at your desk for hours on end, as the day flies by and you’re all scrunched up peering into your screen… not the best treatment for your back!! Claim your free ebook to fix your back pain for good.

Different Ways to Relieve Back Pain for Desk-Bound Professionals

Back pain relief and remedies for at home and in the office. Great remedies on how to get rid of neck and back pain.

Sitting at your desk for hours on end, as the day flies by and you’re all huddled up, not noticing day turn into night, and then suddenly you stop for a tea break. That is when you notice. Much like when you have had a few too many at the pub and when you stand your legs embarrassingly collapse beneath you (seriously hope I’m not on my my own with that one).

You rise from your desk and the pain in your neck and lower back are burning like mini envoys from hell. No more my friend. Let’s say good riddance to those aches and groans.


4 steps to fixing your back pain - free ebook

I haven’t always practiced what I preach. But when it comes to back pain I do! Check out 5 perhaps new ways to you of getting rid of that pain in your neck and back for good – I particularly recommend the 8-minute routine from Mandy, it is an absolute godsend!

5 simple tips on how to build a strong and stable back.

1. Daily 8-minute stretch

Start every morning with an 8-minute routine you can even do in bed. This is my favourite. I felt so good I stopped doing it for a couple of days… big mistake!! I immediately started again. Who doesn’t have 8 minutes a day to invest in a pain-free back and neck?!

2. Rolfing

This is a global myofascial and educational therapy, particularly helpful for chronic conditions and patterns of strain, office-bound postural habits. The technique involves  manipulating the fascia and soft tissue to improve your alignment and balance. Bad posture a can cause the body to move dysfunctionally. Over time, this can exacerbate pain because the body is not able to move naturally.

Rolfing releases tight fascia that might be causing imbalance or inhibiting free, healthy movement. It can create space around painful joints and allow the body to function naturally and without pain.

Rolfing: bringing you and your body closer together.

3. Gym

The gym do more exercises on your back. Why? Most people spend a lot of time at desks and develop poor posture by slouching forward.

A 2:1 RATIO between chest and back works well. For example
Press ups for chest, then a seated row and then pull ups for back.

Work on strengthening your core as well

Perfect technique with every rep you do in the gym. (no junk reps). This way you train your brain to work out a position of optimal posture.

Have someone successfully progress you through some phases of exercise and strength training.

4. Eating the right food

We should all be very careful with over-consumption of alcohol, sugar- containing foods and grains – especially gluten-containing grains! And we should all avoid eating too many processed foods.

This can be a challenge since nearly most supermarket foods have gone through a denaturing process to preserve the life or use artificial colour or additives to make food look more appealing.

The key is to look for food that has been processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances.

5. Sitting properly

The seated posture is now becoming the most common postural position in the workplace. It advantages are reduced energy consumption, compared to those who spend the time performing manual tasks on a daily basis (construction worker). What can you do?

  • Reduce the amount of time you spend sitting down and take regular breaks to move and stretch
  • Keep hydrated
  • Ensure that your desk or workstation is set up in the most posture-friendly position.

For even more details and other advice on how to fix back pain, download  your free ebook on back pain.

4 steps to fixing your back pain - free ebook

Some of the points above may not work If you are suffering with a back issue. Therefore please consult your doctor or source a well trained professional who can offer you the guidance you need.

I’d love to hear your comments if you’d like to share below x

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