From Worrier to Warrior

Filled with self-doubt? Have 1,001 reasons to procrastinate?  Fearing both success and failure so you don’t even try?

Inspiration for you as a writer to find more confidence in yourself by incorporating self healing and wellbeing into their life.

That was me, too, just a few years before becoming an empowered author with 14 titles to my quill.

“How can I be a successful writer?” I hear you cry. Well, fellow literate being who most likely prefers dwelling in the duvet realm with your nose in between the pages rather than in the “oh so cruel world”, I shall tell you my secret: a little bit of self-care and a journey of exploration.

the importance of personal wellness

I needed help, I felt isolated and too proud to ask for help from others. I delved into meditation techniques, the glorious shimmering power of crystals, trod down the enlightening and invigorating path of yoga and finally finished the whole journey off with a good dose of energy rebalancing through Reiki. My world was transformed. In the end I had:

  • restored my self-confidence
  • confirmed by self-belief
  • returned to my true nature

And then what did I do with all this might and empowerment? I wrote!! Now I want to share my benefits with you.

What is personal wellness?

There are countless websites out there explaining the 5, 6 or 7 or 8 pillars of personal wellness and why welbeing is important. All you really need to know is that personal wellness is an holistic approach to your “wellbeing”. This means you need to look after all aspects of your “being” in order to be “well”. i.e. be physically fit and flexible, be healthy, look after your mental health, ensure mental stimulus, eat a good diet, grow spiritually, feel secure at work and at home, enjoy financial stability, balance work and life, not to have worries, and so on. Ha! Easier said than done! But we can try, right?

Why personal wellness is important for you as a writer

I am going to show why it is important for you as a writer – or freelancer if you have chanced upon this site! Welcome brethren kind.


I am now a successfully published author of 6 personal development guides and writer and illustrator of 2 children’s books on anti-bullying that are very dear to my heart, 4  short stories for young readers and a fantasy trilogy….as well as holding down a my regular job – in just 2 years. How was that possible?


For starters I stopped watching TV and tidying up my house – but more seriously I embraced the notion of self-care. As I was getting on in years it became more and more apparent I could no longer do all-nighters and not feel the after effects. I got rid of some pretty bad habits that were draining me and opened up my mind and heart to alternative methods to nourish the writer and creator within me.

If you do not look after yourself who will?

At the beginning of 2016, I started researching in the field of holistic health, human anatomy and physiology, massage and meditation. My goal was simply to bring more energy and focus into my own life. To understand why things had gone so awry in my life. Why I had strayed so far from my own path. I found this exploration to be simply interesting and informative. Unknowingly, this was already my start in my new life.

The notion of self-healing

After 10 years in a toxic relationship and writing the words of others as a translator, I realised that if I want to change something, I had to change myself. And if I want to move something, I had to move myself.

After a year on my own – after studying holistic health, training as a Reiki and crystal healer, having written 4 books on personal development, incorporated new yoga and meditation practices into my routine – my thinking and actions have completely changed. I have returned to my true self.

I then dared to jump into a new world for me

It felt strange, but good. Stepping out of my cocoon and comfort zone. I inhaled pure life. At first it was anything but easy. But over time everything became clearer. People, projects and a great business opportunities have come into my life. I was open to everything and finally dared to leave the beaten path behind and learn new things. Away from the bad habits.

A journey of personal development

In retrospect, I am very grateful for everything I was allowed to learn in recent years, for the way, for my UN-DEVELOPING (i.e. leaving behind precept force don me by society and my upbringing that were not my own) and also for the minor or major stumbling blocks on the way.

a journey of self-discovery
follow your internal compass

I am also grateful for all the amazing people who have come into my life ever since and for the life I have been allowed to lead ever since.
In the last few years, unfortunately, I have noticed that there are so many people who

  • do not live their lives
  • feel trapped in the daily hamster wheel
  • just drag themselves from weekend to the next or from one holiday to the next
  • are repeatedly confronted with the same issues and “worries” (money, time, health, esteem)
  • stuck in their own beliefs
  • are simply unhappy
  • unfortunately often try their own frustration in alcohol, drugs or other addictions to “drown” to finally switch off

I wanted to help these people. Many just do not realise that we only have this one life and that they are in control of their own life. They don’t know how to live it.

Right here, in the present moment, all the doors are open for us. We have so many options.


Looking after myself has given me the chance to help others. Browse through the articles on self-care, get some inspiration.

I want to help empower you as a writer so you can share your message, your story.

Try some tips and help from one of my free guides, books and online courses. In just a few weeks or months you will feel more focused, energised and happy.

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