Wellness & Writing

Healthy Body. Healthy Mind.

powerful books for self-care and personal growth to bring out the best in you as a woman

“Align the intention to succeed

with the certainty that you will

and nothing can stop you.”

To become a successful writer, whatever your field may be, you need to be healthy, focused and energised.

the healthy motivated writer


These three factors will help you produce clear and engaging work. They will also ensure you do not burn out or only produce  work sporadically.


In order to be at your best you need to have a s feeling of security, free from worries. So if you feel like you are struggling because you haven’t made the “big time” yet, then here is a simple guide to help you make sure you always have a buffer, a safety net.

How to Save MoneyBeing free from such worries as financial insecurity can hamper your creative flow. If you feel insecure or full of worry you cannot concentrate fully on your work. you cannot give it your best shot. With just a feel simple tweaks you can save up to £1,000 (or dollars) every year to help ease this worry. You can do it without having to change jobs, learn new skills or invest. No gambling is required either!

And if you are not in financial strife, perhaps you could you these extra pennies to treat yourself. It is important to treat yourself as it adds value to and purpose to what you are doing. It can also mean a massage or therapy to improve your wellbeing and therefore improve your results as a writer.


They are called “bad” habits for a reason. Being dependent on stimulants such as alcohol or cigarettes will drain you of your energy. These guides will help you be free from these false crutches. They are not helping you to be more creative or to de-stress. They are actually adding to your stress.

how to give up drinking

how to stop smoking and start living

Stop thinking about changing. Spend that time getting help. It will take less time to read a guide than you spend worrying and kicking yourself and wishing your life will change.

Take life in your own hands. I did and I have not stopped creating since I began looking after myself.



Positivity attracts positivity. how to be happy guide

Your can draw more abundance and creativity if you have a positive outlook on life. This simple guide reminds you of how wonderful life is. When you’re on top of your game and you begin to shine from within, good things start to happen.

Being happy is also essential for your physical and mental health. Perhaps you will feel more inclined to make this shift for your loved ones if not for yourself. Go on, be happy!



Just imagine how much more you could get done if you stayed focused and motivated? Reiki may sound like an unconventional route to take, but just like Bruce Lee used the power of chi to attain perfection, you can use this ancient form of energy balancing to achieve your biggest goals.

how to get fit with reiki and musicMake your dreams a reality by learning how to see past the trivia of life and become intent through simple breathing and visualisation techniques. Coupled with the glorious power of music as a motivator, you will be unstoppable.Although I assure you your fitness and posture will also improve – fringe benefits! – this book is more than just a fitness guide, it is a way of life to unlock doors and usher in dreams.






How to Look YoungThis book is not just about looks – that is my ruse to get more people into self-care! it is more about understanding your true self. How to nuture and nourish yourself to become the best version of yourself.

By bringing together the principles of TCM, Ayurveda, the 5 elements and yoga and combining these with a modern approach to wellbeing, I have presented you with the magic formula for being your true self. When you are your true self you are at peace with the world. When you are at peace with the world you are invincible. you have no fears. Your self-confidence soars and your happiness and success become abundant in ways you could not possible imagine.

Remember, the power of self-belief underpins all aspects of who you are and the life you forge.

Start producing the best results in your work and life by becoming the best version of yourself possible.

Powerful and inspirational self-help guides by Francesca Hepton.

“It is time to listen to your inner voice. It is time to enjoy freedom.”


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