Healing Crystal Grids for Mind, Body and Soul Balance

Not feeling quite yourself? Maybe you’re a little frayed at the edges?

Healing crystal grids for improved health, reduced anxiety and stress. A free guide with 10 grids to help you restore balance and wellbeing.

Most likely your mind, body and soul are out of balance. Don’t worry, we have the perfect cure. Here are some beautiful ways to Balance the Mind, Body, and Soul.

Feeling out of sorts?

mind body soul balance

Surround yourself in the safety net of wonderful healing crystals.

Stone types selected for their specific purpose can offer you a whole new life by bringing calm, clarity and closure. Plus they look pretty! You can download a free guide here:


There are many grids and layouts to choose from, these 10 will predominantly help you to find calm by easing your body and mind. With all the healing grids, go to a quiet area, like your bedroom. Lie on a white cover (not a prerequisite). I like to light a candle, open a window and burn a little incense to clear the energy in the room and invite new energy in.     If you have time ground yourself, clear your mind. You can do this by simply taking your shoes off and/or walk through the incense smoke. Lie down and take a few deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, focus on your stomach rising and falling with your breath. Visualise your breath filling your spine with energy and soothing light, running up the spine the spine on the inhale and down the spine on the exhale giving you a little internal massage.   When you feel ready, begin. You can use some soothing music to help set the ambience and calming mood, as well as a convenient way to time your session.  

10 Simple Crystal Healing Grids to balance the Mind, Body, and Soul

1. Amazonite Healing Grid

Amazonite healing grid

  Lying in an Amazonite Healing Net is said to aid recall of distant personal memories. This can throw light on repeating patterns of behaviour and allow identification and removal of hidden blocks that stand in the way of achieving your goals in life.

2. Seal of Solomon

Seal of Solomon healing grid

  This layout can be used whenever you need to relax, refresh the body and relieve stress.  

 3. Amethyst Healing Grid

Amethyst healing grid

    This layout can be used in any situation where physical, emotional or mental healing is required as amethyst is one of the most versatile healing stones. It is especially useful for creating a sense of calm.

4. Balancing layout

Balancing crystal healing grid

  This layout provides a good daily balance routine and restores your natural flow of energy.  

5. Carnelian Healing Grid

carnelian healing grid

  Relaxing in this layout is particularly beneficial for repairing the body, especially for helping to release deep trauma.  

6. Calming Crystal Grid

calming crystal grid

    This layout can help to soothe an emotional upset and help you focus on practical solutions to the situation    

7. The Citrine Healing Net

citrine healing grid

  Using a mixture of Citrine and Clear Quartz to increase energy levels, clear the mind and to improve communication skills and adaptability. It is a valuable net for those who are studying. But DO NOT use if you don’t need the extra energy!!  

8. Moonstone Healing Net

moonstone healing grid

  This archetypal stone of lunar energy and the feminine spirit provides a soothing layout, especially beneficial for releasing stress and tension and for easing PMT. Lie and relax in this position for about ten to fifteen minutes, after a while you should feel a soothing energy flowing through the body. Remove the moonstones and relax for a little while.  

9. Chakra Balancing

chakra balancing

The Seven Colour Chakra Layout for Chakra Balancing is one of the simplest ways to help balance the whole chakra system is to place a stone of the appropriate colour on each area.  

10. Headache Soother

amethyst headache soother

 This healing pattern helps to soothe headaches; it can help free up the blocked energies that cause headaches and so reduce the pain.   Feel like your true self again.

feel good again

DOWNLOAD FREE CRYSTAL GRID GUIDEGeneral rule: 5 to 10 minutes. Do these on a regular basis or as and when you feel you need them. Do not mix and match, you will tire out your body! Shorter sessions more frequently is better than single longer sessions. NB. Position the grounding stones first.   Afterwards place the stones in the sun for 10 minutes  or a cup of brown rice overnight to cleanse the negative energy. Do not eat the rice!   This post links up with my post “The Selfless Act of Being Selfish” illustrating how to become a better, calmer more focused you. Just 5 to 10 minutes a day to rebalance yourself, your inner energies, to find peace amidst the chaos and time to breathe in a more serene reality.   Get your free pdf now and reboost and rebalance:


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