The Symbiosis of Writing and Yoga

Review of a writing retreat hosted by Aurora Writers

Coming away from a creative writing retreat hosted by Noelle Harrison and Vanessa Rigby, you will feel like a goddess. Set in the spa and relaxation world of the David Lloyd Gym in Edinburgh with breathtaking views of the seas, the Beltane retreat was an empowering experience fuelled by the fire of the summer sun. Based around lots of “f” words (!) the retreat expelled the fear of failure and explored the freedom to forge.

                     Writing from a new angle!

yoga and writing

Want to approach your writing with a fresh take?
Empowered by Noelle’s powerful techniques for exploring your capabilities not just as a writer but as an individual from new and enlightening angles, you will gain variety and direction in your techniques. Noelle uses exercises that deftly coerce  different perspectives and thoughts from you that you never even realised you had.  Coupled with Vanessa’s masterful ability to relax your mind and body through yoga, you end up releasing words, stories, pitches and ideas that will astound and please you… and your readers!

               Get creative with your writing!

symbiosis of yoga and writing

Endless creative power through yoga

The magic does not end when the weekend ends. Perhaps the best of it all is that this retreat equips you with tools you can apply by yourself. For all you freelance indie writers out there this is like gold dust. Your own untapped spring of inspiration.
You can explore this “new” and “empowered” version of yourself in a safe and encouraging environment. Aurora Writing Retreats provide a platform for networking and self-discovery. Quite unusual bed companions! Through novel ways of approaching your writing and Vanessa’s ability to let you tap into the infinite well in your mind without the mental blocks caused by self-doubt and fear, you unfurl effortlessly into flexible literary goddess.

                     Become a flexible literary goddess

writing and yoga
Working with the seasons to capture our different moods throughout the year, Noelle and Vanessa will be hosting another retreat this autumn – be sure not to miss out on this opportunity to realise your full potential as a writer. The networking element and support from other established and up and coming authors is a further indispensable tool for independent authors. Visit Aurora Writers


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