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Anti-bullying week is a fabulous campaign to help make our children’s start in life as safe and  enjoyable as possible

By getting involved as a writer, not only are you helping the lives of our future generation, but you are also forging crucial and long lasting partnerships with your local schools and and businesses It is a very enriching and rewarding experience.

Mental wellbeing

Feeling happy is an essential part of mental wellbeing as it provides a premise for our self-confidence and self-esteem to grow. Being more mindful and aware of others and their feelings is another key factor in a child’s personal development and wellbeing – whether they are the victim of bullying or the bullies themselves.

What better way to get this message across during anti-bullying week than with an uplifting fun book full of vibrant images and a fun story!!

anti-bullying weekMaster Hudson from the AEGIS Martial Arts ACADEMY at the back with Yr 1 to Y6 pupils from Rossett Acre

Children in Harrogate’s schools are already learning these key tools. Likewise, wellness warrior Master Hudson is driving the message home with his fun, inspirational and powerful assemblies. This year he had the added benefit of one of my books “Jack’s Roar”, specially designed around Master Hudson’s 5 reigning principles of how to deal with bullies:

  1. Avoid the Bully: AVOID situations by walking away
  2. Block the Bully: BLOCK the bully by asking for help
  3. Divert the Bully: DEFLECT the situation by laughing
  4. Evade the Bully: STAND up to the bully, stand tall, look them in the eye
  5. Fight back: ATTACK by using a loud voice and powerful language
Anti-bullying assembly at Rossett Acre Primary School
First of all, pupils at Rossett Acre Primary School enjoyed a thunderous presentation on how to beat bullying from Martial Arts Instructor Master Hudson. It was a fantastic event enjoyed by all. Even the teachers were enthused and swept up by Master Hudson’s wave of contagious energy. It was impossible not be as he commanded the children to stand up straight, push their shoulders back, have good eye contact, smile and share high-fives with the child next them whilst shouting: “You’re awesome!”

Anti-bullying week assembly is a roaring success!

It was clear that the subject of bullying is close to Master Hudson’s heart because he delivered his Bully-Busting tips with great fervour and passion. Praise must also be extended to the children at Rossett Acre Primary School. These bright little buttons were extremely well behaved and very receptive, attentive and insightful on the subject of bullying. As a result there was no shortage of volunteers to help Master Hudson at the front. Furthermore, it was a pleasure to see that the staff at Rossett Acre had taught the children extremely well on how to be respectful and courteous. Even one of the youngest children was able to provide a clear definition of what bullying is:
“Being nasty and unkind to someone every day.”
They understood the difference between bullying and physical harm, which is commendable.

The biggest takeaway from Master Hudson’s anti-bullying week assembly:

Their ability to recite my favourite of Master Hudson’s 5 bully-busting tips “EVADE” was incredibly moving as they chanted in unison:
“Stand tall! Head up! Shoulders back! Good eye contact! Smile!”
Finally the children enjoyed a reading of the book Jack’s Roar by local author Francesca Hepton. The children were roaring along with Jack as the book’s images appeared don the large whiteboard.
anti-bullying book

Writer and Master come together to create a fun anti-bullying book for children: Jack’s Roar


These 5 levels of Bully-Busting Defence are a non-violent strategy based on the laws and rules of Martial Arts. The aim of the system is: “To be the best version of yourself”.
As Mrs Riley who organised one such event for anti-bullying week, said: “We could all learn something from this.”
The children walked out with their heads that little bit higher, their posture a little bit straighter and their smiles that little bit bigger. Mission accomplished. Let’s be awesome!
Jacks Roar

This book has been commissioned by MASTER JAMES HUDSON (Black Belt Instructor). It is part of his BULLY BUSTING campaign for children. Jack’s Roar reflects the 5 levels of defence promoted by Master Hudson’s teachings. The message provides children who are victims of bullying with a sound basis of support. This Bully Busting system is non-physical and promotes self-confidence. BUY YOUR COPY NOW! YOUR CHILD WILL LOVE IT!

5 thoughts on “Stopping the Bullies

  1. Fiona says:

    Great to see a book to help children around bullying….I jwish even more could be done to get the message across to the bullies that this is just not acceptable in any form.


  2. Bullying happens so much on anonymous messaging apps. I have been bullied for several years now and it happens mostly on social media. People take advantage of anonymous messaging apps and it happens to so many people. There have been so many suicides because of apps like them. Could you guys sign my petition to get apps like Sarahah and other anonymous messaging apps banned. They do more harm than good. Here is the petition link:


    1. Francesca Hepton says:

      Sorry to hear that. I have signed your worthwhile petition and shared it on fb x


      1. Francesca Hepton says:

        I hope you are successful.


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