Wellness Warrior Women

Success = The ultimate goal?

I am showcasing success stories of inspirational women I have had the honour of getting to know. They have embraced the world, fought for what they believed in and welcomed the power of the universe into their everyday lives.


Definition of success

Defining success would, on the surface, appear to be a simple task: wealthy, rich and powerful people, right? What if you were able to drop the preconditioned thoughts from the equation and looked again at defining success:

A wealthy, rich and powerful person who is unhappy… that surely is not reflective of “success”. For the purposes of this section, I would like to celebrate individuals who have been successful, in their own individual way, whether it is in fact in terms of business, or perhaps in overcoming obstacles, finding inner peace, helping others or creating something new.

Richness of life

What each of these amazing and enlightened individuals has in common is their ability to have an open mind and a love and appreciation for the world around them as a whole.

Follow their success stories. Be inspired to carve your own path to success.

If you know someone who is swinging off the star of success thanks to their own efforts and beliefs, please drop me a line.

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