Self Care for Writers

Keeping you, focused, healthy & motivated

Take charge of your life 

If you are or want to be a freelance writer, author, playwright, blogger journalist, speechwriter, novelist or reporter you need to incorporate self-care into your daily routine.

By taking charge of your health & wellbeing,
you take charge of your life.

When you work and live according to your own goals and passions, everything falls into alignment. You engage in life and work with ease and purpose. This improves both the quality of your work as well as your personal health.

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Why Self Care is Important for Writers

Websites about using writing as a tool for personal wellness are out there ten to a penny. Offering courses for improved wellness through writing or methods on healing through the cathartic act of keeping a diary. But who is looking after the writers?! I am right here, in the world of Wellness and Writing.

I am here to offer your help in the areas of self-care, personal health, feeling empowered, improved wellbeing, self development, a more positive outlook and focused motivation. All with a view to keeping your sanity in check, helping you unwind and advancing you as a freelance writer.

Here are some reasons why freelance writers need self-care:

  • Freelance writers/bloggers are often self-motivators. We work from home and we find ourselves working anything but regular hours.
  • Because not only do we have to be an endless abyss of creativity, we also have to be organised and  those two creatures do not live happily together!
  • We can be hermits, introverts, preferring the company of words on a page rather than large crowds. This can be extremely damaging to our mental and emotional health if we become isolated.
  • Sometimes we can be our own harshest critic. We are perfectionists. Without self-care this could lead to depression.
  • We get caught up in our own world and write for hours and days, before then emerging into the light as a huddled, pin-eyed former shadow of ourselves… and then we have to recharge for ages before we can string another interesting sentence together again. Looking after yourself can bring all of that into balance.

There are lots more reasons why it is all the more important for us as desk-bound freelancers to look after ourselves. If we neglect our self-care, we will burn out, create below average work, loose our edge or simply become an unhealthy blob with a poor posture and limited focus.

Being healthy sound too much like hard work?

Perhaps all this “wellbeing” sounds like too much hard work or you’d like to leave it to the hippies. Or you are not so geared up for this journey of fitness and health and prefer to curl up with a good book. Don’t worry, I was like that too. Click here for some less energetic tips. After 15 years as a freelance writer, author and illustrator I cannot stress the importance of wellness in a writer’s life. You can use the methods in this blogsite for rebalancing your energy, yoga and meditation to improve your levels of physical and mental health.

Focused, calm and strong

When you are healthier, more balanced and energised you are more focused and therefore more organised. It all goes hand in hand. When your energy is flowing freely, so are your thoughts and your creativity. A blocked psyche can lead to blockages in the body. One way of opening up your channels of energy is through crystals. I am offering you a free crystal healing guide (click below).

My aim is to inspire you to add self-care to your day and feel aligned with yourself. In this way, you will feel more engaged with your work leaving you happier and less stressed.

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Don’t release your inner gollum, try a little self-care and release your inner writer warrior!

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